Rylan Clark’s Eurovision drama with bosses for encouraging the UK’s acts to party before the contest.

Rylan Clark has angered Eurovision bosses by taking the UK act out for a wild night.

Rylan Clark’s Eurovision drama

The 33-year-old presenter will co-host the BBC’s coverage of this year’s semi-final of the song contest but admitted he has gotten in trouble before for encouraging the UK’s acts to party before the contest.

“It is tradition that I always take the British act out, normally on the Wednesday or the Thursday, and then the head of delegation always has a go at me because I take them out.

“But I will make sure Sam is all right by Saturday night.”

Last year’s UK entrant James Newman scored zero points but Rylan has high hopes for Sam.

He said: “I know full well we will be on the left-hand side of the leaderboard this year.

“How high up, I don’t know, but I’ve every faith in Sam.”

Rylan will be co-hosting with Scott Mills and he said: “Me and Scott are going to be doing the semis, which I cannot wait for. Who doesn’t love a semi?

“We will make it so good because we’ve not been there in person in two years. We’ve got a lot of making up to do since Tel Aviv (in 2019).

“I cannot wait to have a fantastic time and see what all of the countries have to offer.”

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