Special Tips to Help Select the Best Wireless Earphones

When wireless earphones landed a few years back, it was considered ground breaking, and now they have become the norm right? Unlike the wired designs that always require you to be tethered to your devices, wireless earphones are the reflection of true freedom. This is why you should buy a pair and enjoy every minute of listening to music, gaming, or communication.

However, we must indicate that buying wireless earphones is never easy. Unlike the standard wired designs, getting high-quality wireless earphones require a greater understanding of the additional features and attributes. To help you out, this post lists expert tips that you can use to pick the best.

Battery Life of the Wireless Earphone

Wireless earphones are designed to draw power from in-built rechargeable batteries. The secret is to ensure you get the model with long-battery life so that you can enjoy listening to music for an extended period. Once the power is used up, the earphones die off, and you must plug them back into their cases for recharge.

Most wireless earphones can last between 3-6 hours (playing time) when fully recharged, but most companies will include the additional hours that you can get after recharging from the case. The best way to approach this is going for earphones with longer playing time and a case that can store more charge to take you for a full day. Then, you can recharge the case ready for the next playing session.

Sound Quality of the Earphone

The sound quality of your wireless headphones depends on the software that is used to encode the audio on one end and decode it on the other. Therefore, the codec must be supported by the earphones and the audio player/ smartphone. So, here are some of the common codecs you are likely to find in wireless earphones.

  • SBC: This was the most common codec used when wireless earphones were discovered. Today, SBC technology has advanced so much and still remains the standard for high-quality streaming
  • aptX: Many android devices, especially those designed over the last few years, support this codec. It delivers a sort of “CD-like” performance but with lower latency.
  • AAC: This is another common codec in many devices, especially premium earphones. Earphone developers prefer it because it helps to reduce degradation in sound quality.

When exploring the earphone’s sound quality, you need to also think about latency. This is the delay experienced between the release of the signal from the playing device and the time you get it on headphones. It might not be easy to notice this if you are listening to music, but it becomes apparent when watching videos. So, go for earphones that are designed to operate with low latency for better sound quality.

Easy-to-Use Controls

When looking for wireless earphones, there are two main options. The first option is the more expensive models of wireless earphones, which come with advanced controls. For example, the earphone comes with buttons or control pads that allow you to simply tap to take phone calls, increase volume, or change track.

The second option is the cheaper models, which do not feature any controls. Therefore, you will need to grab your smartphone for various controls, such as increasing volume and taking your phone calls. So, if you are on a budget but still want to enjoy some wireless capabilities, the cheaper wireless earphone model might be a good option for you.

To enjoy listening to music, watching videos, participating in meetings/seminars, or improving productivity at work, it is paramount to order a pair of wireless earphones, and the tips we have listed in this post can help you get the best. Remember that you should also buy earphones from the top brands for assurance of high-quality money.

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