The Jezabels’ release third album Synthia February 12th

As a concept record, Synthia sees the quartet bringing a potent message of feminine empowerment, even loaded into the title itself – reimagining Cynthia, the Greek goddess of the moon, as a synthetic female archetype that the rock world simplistically prefers whilst according reverence to the ‘authenticity’ of male artists.

The album celebrates the female and sees it just as inspired by ‘80s pop goddess Cyndi Lauper as it is by the feminist handbook The Heroine’s Journey.

The Jezabels

“An infectious chorus with symphonic melodies and liquid guitar ripples make this an ecstatic piece of music by The Jezabels” – MarkMeets

The Jezabels are Sam Lockwood guitar, Nik Kaloper drums, Hayley Mary vocals and/ Heather Shannon keys.

“This is a record we made ourselves, at our own behest,” she says significantly. “People were actually surprised when they heard it was happening. We were surprised. We just had a natural momentum.”

The message is continued in the video for the Australian quartet’s latest single ‘Pleasure Drive’, which plays like Chrissie Hynde staring in an episode of True Blood and sees frontwoman Hayley Mary, and a diner full of women, overcome by a enchanting power which sees them take control back from their domineering partners.

Watch the ‘Pleasure Drive’ video below

The band were due to play a huge world tour, which included a very special intimate show at London’s The Dome in support of the album, however due to the need for Heather Shannon (Keys) to undergo treatment for ovarian cancer the tour has been postponed.

Synthia is The Jezabels’ most poignant and personal record to date.

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