The most expensive TVs in the world

While high definition 50 inch screens have become incredibly inexpensive over the past 10 years, there are still a number of TVs on the market that are a far cry from affordable. If you’ve got a couple of million hanging around in the back of your couch, here are some TVs that may take your fancy if you’re looking for the ultimate viewing experience:

The most expensive TVs in the world
The BeoVision 4

Your average punter would be more than satisfied with a 50 inch screen, but if you’ve got a large wall to cover, why not opt for something a little bigger? Say, 103 inches to be precise?

The BeoVision retails at around the £100,000 mark and rightly so. This TV is an absolute mammoth, however not necessarily in all the best ways. The BeoVision 4 is beginning to show its age with its low resolution of only 1080p and outdated Plasma technology which means you’ll still have screen burn issues! Considering you could buy an Ultra HD 65 inch Toshiba for a fraction of the cost, the BeoVision is essentially just an expensive price tag.

Samsung Ultra HD

Another TV in excess of 100 inches, the Samsung UHD TV was released in 2013 and features the latest in HD technology. The image quality is incredible and translates to a resolution approximately four times better than your average HD TV. Pricing in at just under £90,000 this TV isn’t really aimed at the general consumer market.

Panasonic TH-152UFX1 Plasma

Another Plasma making the most expensive TV list is the Panasonic TH-152UFX1, which takes things one step further when it comes to screen size. If you’ve ever sat in front of a 100 inch TV and thought things could still do with being bigger, this model should just about do the trick. Measuring 152 inches diagonally, it will more than satisfy your needs for something supersized! It doesn’t have all the latest technology you’d expect but does feature an incredible screen resolution as well as 3D functionality.


Bigger still? Well unless you’ve got a 201 inch wall and a spare £400,000, this TV won’t be for you. Used primarily for events and outdoor viewing, The C-Seed is a stunning piece of technology and features intelligent fingerprint recognition if you want to change the channel. With a refresh rate of 100,000Hz, it’s one of the few TVs that is perfect for open-air viewing.

Stuart Hughess Prestige HDD Supreme Rose Edition

Anything with a name as flowery as the Stuart Hughess Prestige HDD Supreme Rose Edition is expected to do some serious damage to your wallet. Coming in at an affordable £1.3 million, this TV is aimed at the richest of the rich. This is the smallest TV on the list but is still the most expensive… Why? Well, it’s covered in 18ct gold (about 28kg of it) and encrusted with 72 diamonds. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also finished with hand sewn alligator skin. Did someone say excessive?

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