The Songs and Soundtrack of Yellowjackets Season 2

Yellow jackets soundtracks

Other Notable Songs:

  • “What’s Up?” – 4 Non Blondes
  • “Big Mouth” – Necking
  • “Stayin’ Alive” – Tropical Fuck Storm (Bee Gees Cover)

Episode 1 – Friends, Romans, Countrymen

“Last Resort” – Papa Roach

It was hard to choose just one great song from this episode, but Jeff’s (Warren Kole) angst-filled car jam sesh to “Last Resort” by Papa Roach is so unexpected and hilarious that it has to be talked about. Jeff is doing his best to be supportive of Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) and he continues to help her cover up Adam’s (Peter Gadiot) murder. This includes going to Adam’s art studio that happens to be covered with paintings and sketches of Shauna and getting rid of the evidence. When they get back home, it becomes clear that as much as Jeff still loves Shauna, he is also struggling to fully embrace the darker side. Jeff’s golden retriever energy makes him seem like the last person who would have Papa Roach on his playlist, and yet the unexpectedness of this song choice is what makes this scene so good.

Other Notable Songs:

  • “Seventeen” – Sharon Van Etten
  • “Drown” – Smashing Pumpkins
  • “A Night in Rio” – Graham Francis de Wilde
  • “#1 Crush” – Garbage
  • “Cornflake Girl” – Tori Amos

Episode 2 – Edible Complex

“Climbing Up the Walls” – Radiohead

With lyrics that include “you know we’re friends till we die,” “open up your skull” “ and “lock the kids up safe tonight,” what better song to accompany the Yellowjackets’ first foray into cannibalism than Radiohead’s “Climbing Up the Walls?” This song plays as the teens eat the freshly barbequed Jackie, and we see them shift in and out of reality, imagining that they’re eating a feast of regular food instead of a dead friend.

Other Notable Songs:

  • “No Room For A Nihilist in Hollywood” – Peachy!
  • “Inertia Creeps” – Massive Attack
  • “Little Queenie” – Sadgirl

Episode 3 – Digestif

“Bells for Her” – Tori Amos

This episode ends with both versions of Lottie (teen version played by Courtney Eaton, adult played by Simone Kessell) struggling with the weight of their visions. After a flock of dead birds fall onto the cabin, teen Lottie reassures the others that they aren’t diseased, but rather a gift from the forest. Adult Lottie is starting to have visions for the first time since their rescue and sees the beehives of her wellness retreat covered with blood. “Bells for Her” by Tori Amos plays over both scenes, its haunting melody conveying the danger that awaits Lottie in both the past and the present. The lyrics of the chorus “Can’t stop what’s coming. Can’t stop what’s on its way” further emphasizing the impending doom that Lottie feels.

Other Notable Songs:

  • “Past Not Forgotten” – Parachute Men
  • “These Are Days” – 10,000 Maniacs
  • “Full Time Jack Move” – Larry Thomas West
  • “Seether” – Veruca Salt
  • “When I Go Walking” – Popecoke
  • “Take Me Down” – Sonica Disturbia

Episode 4 – Old Wounds

“No Return” – Alanis Morissette (Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker cover)

Even though Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker’s “No Return” is a certified bop on its own, Yellowjackets introduced an update to the iconic title sequence song this week with a cover by the legendary Alanis Morissette. But not only did we get to hear this rocking cover over the opening titles of the show, a more sinister version also plays in the background of teen Lottie’s mall hallucination. As she wanders through the mall, eventually finding her friends in the food court, the slowed down lyrics play over the mall’s speakers before getting louder as Lottie starts to succumb to the unforgiving cold of the wilderness in the real world.

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