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The US states share common security details in their identity cards. However, this is even more strict for the new jersey identity cards. New jersey state has additional security features distinct from other states. Therefore, it becomes even hard to crack the security checks in New Jersey than in most other states. As mentioned new jersey is something else when it comes to security details. The state has invested a lot in the security details of its identity cards. Additionally, new jersey as opposed to many other states also has stricter jail terms and penalties for those nabbed with fake identity cards. Those nabbed are charged with third-category phelony cases in the new jersey courts of law. The offense is prosecutable to several years of jail term. However, penalties can accrue up to $15,000.

Among the security feature specials for the New Jersey identity card that is included in the fake ids from Bogus Braxtor include the following.

  1. Teslin material – Even with a polycarbonate material print, it is not enough for new jersey. New Jersey has a special printing material besides polycarbonate. To be specific the state uses the Teslin material for card printing. Security check wilt el the difference. Therefore, appearing with polycarbonate will see the person nabbed by the police. 
  2. Hologram Overlay – For the New Jersey identity cards there is a state seal and NJ repeated in a holographic way on the identity cards. 
  3. Rainbow printing – The rainbow colors appear upon the tilting of the identity cards. The cards return to the original color after the tilting. 
  4. Tactile text – It is a distinguishable security feature. This is a special printing technique where the text can be felt by touch. Therefore, the text can be felt upon touch by a finger. 
  5. Optical variable ink – it is used in printing the identity cards the ink changes color when tilted. Therefore, the texts can be distinguished from normal printing. 
  6. Microprint – this is a special print in the background of the identity cards that can only be viewed under a microscope. The print is engraved on the card and can be viewed by police offers with technology devices. 
  7. Ultraviolet ink – as in many other US states security detail in identity cards is ultraviolet ink. This ink is used to produce multilayered images. The images under the ultraviolet ink can only be viewed under black light. Therefore, the text and photos can be viewed in that special lighting. 
  8. Scannable 2D barcode – the identity cards in the US not only contain the scannable bar code but also the magnetic stripe. Therefore, on the back of the identity cards, the bars are scannable and produce the details of the card older. Encoding the details of the cardholder into the barcode displaying them upon scanning of the identity card. 

Understanding the special security features required for the New Jersey identity cards. Therefore, it has taken all necessary measures of investing in digital technology to ensure that it delivers synonymous identity cards. Clients can still send their photos through the website catalog upon the completion of the order. For the clients are keen enough on the photo’s specs, they can submit quality photos in their first entries for the fake id cards. 

The bio-data form is also available and appended to the website. Clients can fill in the details of their specifications in the form to have their card sprinted. The prints the identity cards are delivered to the customers’ doorstep within three weeks. However, with the magnetic cards, the clients can receive the cards in two weeks with an added special delivery fee on top. However, regardless of the package, clients can be sure that the identity cards are delivered to the doorstep. 

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