Unsimulated Sex In World Cinema

Exploring Realistic Depictions of Sex Scenes in Non-Pornographic Films: From Lars von Trier to John Cameron Mitchell and Vincent Gallo’s Controversial “Brown Bunny”. Although nothing new, unsimulated intercourse on the big screen still garners attention and sparks discussion. Whether controversial or method acting, intimate encounters captured on film can deepen the narrative and captivate audiences.

Catherine Breillat’s first film in 1976, “A Real  Young Girl,” adapts her own controversial novel about a 14-year-old exploring her newfound sexuality. (The lead actress Charlotte Alexandra was 20 during production, and the film wasn’t released in theaters in the U.S. for more than two decades.) Breillat’s later work, 1999’s “Romance,” tells the story of a woman desperately seeking human connection and featured similar scenes, including sadomasochistic sex play. 

“Actors are prostitutes because they’re asked to play other feelings,” Breillat revealed “This prostitution is not profane; it’s a sacred act that we give them.”

John Cameron Mitchell set out to “honor” sex as a pastime for real people, much like art, music, or cuisine, in his second feature film, 2006’s “Shortbus.”

Mitchell said of filming the cult classic, “Certainly, a lot of films had used sex, but they were pretty grim, and I wanted something more fun and funny, but still emotionally deep. And so I said, ‘I never want you to do anything you don’t want to do, but I do want you to challenge yourselves so we can challenge the audience.’”

Mitchell continued, “‘Shortbus’ isn’t about sex. It uses sex as a medium, as a delivery system for ideas and characters and emotions, just like ‘Hedwig [and the Angry Itch]’ uses music. Sex is our music in ‘Shortbus.’ We really only did one sexual rehearsal. I just went with what they wanted to do.”

The depiction of unsimulated sex on screen has taken many forms across decades, continents, and political landscapes. Still, the taboo’s controversial nature remains at the forefront of mind for artists willing to admit their interest in and seriously consider the artistic merit of showing real sex.

“In terms of sex being presented on film, mainstream or even independent, film has foresworn it,” Mitchell summarized. “They’ve given it up, because it’s too scary.” 

Directed by filmmakers from Lars von Trier to Vincent Gallo, William Friedkin to Abel Ferrera, and Larry Charles to Bruce LaBruce, here are 40 films that feature real sex scenes.

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