Victoria Beckham hiked Grand Canyon for birthday

Victoria Beckham celebrated her 40th birthday by hiking the Grand Canyon on Wednesday.

The fashion designer – who turned 40 yesterday – taking a trip to the national park in Arizona with her husband David and her friend Gordon Ramsay, and both their families, to celebrate turning the milestone.

An insider told the Daily Star: ”When the family asked Victoria how she would like to spend the day before her birthday, they were all expecting her to say that she wanted to check into a luxurious spa hotel or go shopping.

”They couldn’t believe it when she suggested they all have a family hike up the Grand Canyon.

”And it wasn’t an easy trek either. The harder trails at the Grand Canyon can be pretty steep. You have to use your hands to pull yourself up and there’s also the danger that rattlesnakes can strike if you get too close.”

However, Victoria made her children, Brooklyn, 15, Romeo 11, Cruz, nine, and Harper, two, stick to the easier trails with their nannies while she, David and Gordon battled with the mud on the harder trails.

The source explained: ”David, Victoria and Gordon did the harder trail while the kids stayed on the easier trails with their nannies and the rest of the family.

”Victoria’s hands were covered in mud at the end but she loved every minute of it. She told them that it was a challenge she wanted to take on.”

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