War of the World Cup begins to brew for the summer of 2014!

Two brothers, Phil and Richard Harrow, have created a truly epic World Cup song influenced by Jeff Wayne’s anthem from War of the Worlds, Eve of the War.

War of the World Cup begins to brew for the summer of 2014!

Going under the pseudonym ‘Epic Dream’, an anagram of ‘Carpe Diem’ meaning seize the day, Philip Harrow developed the original concept of ‘Hope and Glory / Eve Of The War’ co-writing of the lyrics with his older brother Richard Harrow. The uplifting and rousing single features patriotic tones of Andy Serkis, famously known for his roles as fantasy characters Gollum and also Caesar from the Planet of the Apes films.

‘Hope and Glory’ is a layered piece, fusing original lyrics written by Richard and Phillip Harrow, iconic musical composition and one of the most famous Shakespeare speeches of all time. The single opens with the strong, spine-tingling voice of Andy Serkis performing the final part of the speech from Henry V.“I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start. The game’s afoot, follow your spirit, and upon this charge cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!”

You can hear the track on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/quite-great-pr/hope-glory-by-


The piece of music proudly sitting behind Andy Serkis’ speech is the patriotic and anthemic ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. This composition was completely re-orchestrated by a 48-string orchestra at the renowned Abbey Road Studios. Followed by the roar of cheering supporters, there is a momentary pause before the three iconic bars from memorable track ‘The Eve of War’ come in. Taken from Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, this forms the backbone to ‘Hope and Glory’ and the voice of Andy Serkis as he performs the Harrow brothers’ patriotic and inspiring lyrics to provide the heart and the passion. Hope and Glory’ is a piece of music about overcoming adversity, having no fear, believing in oneself, being patriotic and proud and wanting to do your best for your country, your family and, most of all, for yourself.

The ‘Hope and Glory’ element was recorded by The Sulham Hill Orchestra and sung by choral component Crouch End Festival Chorus, who are one of Britain’s major players in symphonic chorus, conducted by David Temple. The CEFC sing the lyrics to ‘Hope and Glory’ in such a passionate and uplifting way that it is hard to resist joining in.

Phil Harrow is the creative mastermind behind this patriarchal song coming up with the idea whilst up a ladder in Andy Serkis’ house in early 2010. With talented family and friends behind him, Brother Richard largely assisted with the lyric writing whilst family friend Serkis agreed to provide the monologue. With approval from Jeff Wayne the song started to take shape. Initially going to be used in the South African World Cup, England was knocked out by Germany only days after ‘Hope and Glory’ was first broadcast and it was shelved for another day. Luckily for us, that day is now and their close bond and shared creative flare, has produced a track which is assured to get us tapping our feet and more importantly, push the England team to victory. Friday June 6th between 6:30pm and 8:00pm

An alternative spin on the traditional football releases, Hope & Glory promises to be an anthemic piece which can motivate and encourage the England squad to see as much success as this track is sure to experience. sees the launch event for the single at the New Crouch End Art House Cinema

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