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What Are The Best Alternative Flowers To Roses On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day you may wish to up your game and give your partner something different so here are a few alternatives to think about.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, you can’t go wrong with flowers, and roses probably to mind first when it comes to picking up a bunch. But your relationship is like no other, and you special someone is unique, so what if you want to do things a little differently?

Valentine's day flowers

Take a look at alternative blooms for your other half or would-be sweetheart. Curated not only for their beauty and scents but also for their thoughtful and romantic meanings, you can find your perfect combination for your Valentine.


Named after the Greek rainbow goddess due to their wide variety of colours; Irises are flowers traditionally given when you have a message for someone. Make yours a message of love this Valentine’s Day.


Relive the elegance of the Victorian era by giving lilies this year, traditionally given to show feelings of true love thanks to their delicate petals and sweet scent. With colours varying from red, yellow, purple, orange, and traditional soft pink or white there’s something for everyone.


Symbolising passion, longing, and romance, carnations tick all the right boxes for Valentine’s Day. They were a favourite of Renaissance painters so if commissioning a portrait is a little out of budget they should do the trick!


Wonderfully cheerful and available in a variety of colours, tulips are perfect if the special someone in your life is particular about colour. Traditionally, red tulips mean passionate love, whilst black tulips convey that you are willing to sacrifice everything for someone. Not one to be given lightly it seems.


Symbolising gratitude, grace, and beauty, a bunch of hydrangeas’ is the perfect way to express how much you appreciate your partner. Their different colours can also symbolise love, harmony and peace; so really they tick every box going!


Famed for their numerous petals the ranunculus was extremely popular in Victorian times. Its delicate and slowly opening petals symbolise the recipients inner charms. They can be found in a wide variety of colours so there’s something for everyone.

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