What to get for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, you know you should have bought many of the presents already, but we also know you didn’t. 

You may have got stuck with yearly balances at work or jumping from Christmas party to Christmas party. December is very exhausting and in this article we will give you a few gift ideas depending on the person’s profile. 

A gift for gamers

Well, this is an easy one. Gamers pretend to be tough and exigent, but in the end, you can please them with ease given the vast majority of accessories and, of course, games you can get in the market. 

Let’s talk first about what you are NOT getting: The last video console PS5 or an Xbox Series X. The chip shortage that haunts car manufacturers is also affecting the console market. The new console from Sony is nowhere to be seen, and it will remain that way for a bit unless you want to pay double for it to scalpers. 

That said, if the person you are gifting to prefers to wait for the console to be restocked you can always go for something more generic like a gaming chair, or if he/she owns a current console just buy a gift card that allows this person to purchase games in the store. Holiday season always arrives with hundreds of game discounts, so the gift card is definitely a smart choice. That said, you may analyze the type of relationship between this person and you. NEVER get your girlfriend a gift card. Take our words of advice. 


So you may think that it is difficult to please those of the free spirit, but in fact there’s always something they are after before their new adventure. You just need to be smart and look for clues while talking to this person. 

Shoes are always welcome, and the good shoes can make or break a hiking experience. Water containers or flasks are always a good addition and they tend to get smelly after a few trips so the traveler will always appreciate it. 


The old habit of gifting dad a tie or a sweater is gone (fortunately). We need to look into a different approach. 

The laptop briefcase can get pretty beat up during the year without him noticing it, so that’s a good option for you.

A smartwatch can also do the trick. There are different offers and they are extremely versatile with features for every part of the day, from workout assistant to meeting reminders. Smartwatches have become an essential part of our life for a reason. 

For the lady

Well, depending on her lifestyle you’ll have to look out for your options, but here are a few hints. First of all, it has to be personal (but getting the obvious out of the way). If she has an active lifestyle, once again, sport sneakers are always welcome or a smartwatch. Also, jewelry never fails to impress if chosen correctly. 

An eBook reader is a great option if she’s more intellectual and doesn’t have one. They come in all price ranges, they last for years and to make it more personal you can even put a nice book in it. 

A gift for mom

Moms are great. They’ll always say you don’t need to get them anything, but you are not like that. Right? 

So, what are your options? They are accustomed to getting nothing from your teenage years, so now that you are a fully grown human being you can surprise her with something nice. 

A new tablet is a great option. Usually, moms use their tablets to watch shows and movies, and they use them to death so getting her a new one is a smart move. 

They can also play her favorite free slot games on the device and win big jackpots. The big screen keeps the fun going for hours and she’ll appreciate the familiar themed slot games. Also, she could play roulette and blackjack for a change.

Another great present would be a kitchen robot to automate her cooking and boost her cooking hobby even further. 


While these are great suggestions, they are no more than starting points. These are gifts for basic profiles, but they are interchangeable. You could be facing a gamer businessman, or an adventurer mom. 

In the end you will have to make the right choice for the person you have in mind. 

That said, there’s something you must give which can’t be bought: time. 

Gift time to your loved ones. Doesn’t matter your beliefs or differences. Try not to see the holiday season as a stressful time or not even as a religious gathering. Give it a different approach and side it like a moment to spend with your loved ones. You won’t regret it.

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