Why hire a magician to entertain at an event

Looking for extra special entertainment for an event?  An unforgettable experience can be found with hiring a magician. They provide much more interaction with guests at events and it will encourage people to mingle with each other. It provides them with the experience of becoming part of the show, rather than just a spectator.

Magicians have appeal to all types of audiences. Who isn’t fascinated by the impossible? Evoking wonder and curiosity can guarantee satisfaction from the crowd and keep them entertained for hours. You won’t have to worry if the entertainment isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and you’ll be assured to create an unforgettable event.

There is a lot more flexibility to the performance. A magician isn’t stapled to a certain corner or part of the room. They can move around, walk through guests and stroll alongside tables. It is a great ice breaker and will give the spectators a sense of unexpected comfort.

In the history of magic and the heart of performance from magicians, there are 7 core types of magic tricks. That is not to say that you will only ever see 7 different tricks when you see shows, but all tricks fall into 7 categories. These are performed by everything from tricksters, mind readers, illusionists, close-up magicians and street performers. Here is an explanation of the 7 different types of magic tricks you can expect from a magician.

  1. Vanish

The vanishing trick is to make something disappear. It is a popular magic trick performed close-up. A popular item to make disappear is a coin or a card.

  1. Levitation

Audiences around the world are memorised by magician’s makings various items float for years. This can include matchsticks, cups, plates or even the magician himself. This type of trick dates back from the Indian rope trick, a historical story about an act performed by an Indian who threw a rope to the sky and it did not fall.

  1. Transportation

Transportation is the movement of an object from one place to the other without showing the trace of the movement. Popular with card magicians the well-known phrase ‘could you just check your back pocket Sir’ has amazed audiences for years. Some Magicians even go so far as to transport themselves.

  1. Mind Reading

Mind Reading is an impressive part of psychological magic. The magician knows exactly what the audience is thinking and can tell them without the person confirming anything out loud. It is an incredible ability and stuns every time.

  1. Restoration

From money to paper to watches to cards, magicians perform restoration when they smash or break property and then restore it minutes later, totally unharmed. The shock horror of witnessing your items being broken makes the astonishment of receiving it back unharmed intensified.

  1. Penetration

The act of penetration is a classic trick that involves a playing card passing through an iPhone or a coin passing through a table. These types of tricks are mystifying and bewilder the audience. A popular one is passing a lit cigarette through an object and then restoring the objects, 2 tricks in one!

  1. Appearance

Appearance is the act of making something appear from nowhere. We all can envisage a magician making a dove or rabbit appear out of a hat. It’s a historical part of a magician’s act, but it is still as astounding to witness.

Hiring a magician can give an event an extra dimension and entertain and amaze a crowd. Networking events and business happenings in London are the perfect occasions to hire a London magician. Weddings and parties are also great occasions to throw in some magic.

So whether you chose a close-up magician, table hopping or cabaret, you can be sure that hiring a magician will give you piece of mind that the guests are comfortable, entertained and enjoying the experience.

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