Slots benefiting from big movie franchises

It probably hasn’t passed you by but, in case it has, the world of online casinos is seriously big business these days. In fact over the last decade or so it’s been one of the biggest growth areas with new sites springing up seemingly every week.

Naturally, behind this growth there’s a huge customer base all eager to play the latest online games – and it’s not just one particular demographic, it’s a wide range of ages and both men and women too. Part of the success has been fuelled by just how easy it is to play these games, with more people than ever choosing to do this through their mobile devices, whether they’re smartphones or tablets.

Of all of the different types of games available it’s slots that are the most popular and there are some very good reasons for this. They’re quick and easy to play, they’re fun and they can be themed to tie in with the player’s particular interests.

If one of these interests is the cinema then it’s a perfect match, and one which the online casinos and games developers have been quick to see and act upon. The result: lots of online slots to tie in with some of the biggest movie franchises going.

You only have to look at what makes a great film to see that this really is an ideal fit. There are strong characters that can be used as symbols on the slots’ reels, there’s a narrative theme that can translate into a progression through the game and there’s also a soundtrack that can be re-purposed to create the sound effects at strategic moments in the play.

When it comes to the films that have been used as the basis for slots these range from the obvious to some more surprising choices.

For example the huge success of Marvel Comics films make them a no-brainer to use. So just a quick scout around will find slots featuring a galaxy of superheroes from The Fantastic Four to the X-Men and from Spiderman to DC Comics’ Superman.

The broader genre of science fiction has also proved to be a predictably rich source of inspiration and the fact that both Star Trek and Star Wars feature in this category is also a clear sign that the games developers are willing to pay the undoubtedly high fees needed to secure the licences for using them as inspiration.

A more surprising kind of film that is also popular is the comedy. But, unbelievably, there are also versions of Bridesmaids, The Hangover and even the Coen Brothers’ cult classic The Big Lebowski waiting to be played on a number of leading online casino sites that allow you to play slots games created from movies and other fun franchises. Going further back in movie making history there’s even a Breakfast at Tiffany’s game proving that there really is no limit to the game developer’s inventiveness when it comes to tying in films with slot-based fun.

So it all goes to show that next time you’re watching a blockbuster on the big screen it might not be very long before it’s also appearing on a much smaller screen – and in a slots format too.

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