Glasgow Film Festival 2024 Unveils Star-Studded Lineup and Milestone Celebrations

The excitement is palpable as the 20th edition of the Glasgow Film Festival (GFF) kicks off from February 28 to March 10 at the Glasgow Film Theatre, coinciding with the venue’s 50th-anniversary celebrations in 2024. This landmark event promises an array of premieres, special events, and screenings that will leave film enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the cinematic extravaganza.

Love Lies Bleeding: Opening Night Spectacle

The 2024 Glasgow Film Festival sets the stage for an unforgettable start with the UK premiere of the romantic thriller, ‘Love Lies Bleeding.’ Starring Kristen Stewart and Katy M. O’Brian and directed by Rose Glass of ‘Saint Maud’ fame, this film promises to be a captivating opener. The festival’s ability to secure such high-profile premieres reaffirms its status as the premier film event in Scotland.

Janey: A Touching Documentary Closes the Festival

Closing the curtains on this spectacular event is the world premiere of ‘Janey,’ a documentary capturing the final tour of Scottish stand-up star Janey Godley, navigating her journey after a cancer diagnosis. The emotional depth and real-life narrative of ‘Janey’ make it a fitting conclusion to the 20th Glasgow Film Festival, adding a touch of poignant storytelling to the celebratory atmosphere.

Global Cinematic Showcase: Premieres Galore

The 2024 Glasgow Film Festival boasts a staggering lineup that includes 11 world and international premieres, 69 UK premieres, and 15 Scottish premieres. From the hallucinogenic dark drama ‘Tummy Monster’ by Glasgow director Ciaran Lyons to the darkly comic novel adaptation ‘Bucky F*cking Dent,’ starring and directed by David Duchovny, the festival promises to deliver diverse and engaging content.

Diverse Offerings: From Western Epics to Fantasy Romance

UK premieres at GFF 2024 span a wide spectrum, featuring Ewan McGregor and daughter Clara embarking on a road trip in ‘Bleeding Love,’ Cynthia Erivo’s powerful performance in ‘Drift,’ and Viggo Mortensen directing and starring in the Western epic ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt.’ Additionally, fantasy romance takes center stage with the UK premiere of ‘La Chimera,’ starring John O’Connor, expanding the festival’s genre offerings.

Local Talent and Debut Features Shine

Scottish audiences will be treated to exclusive screenings, including Kevin Macdonald’s exploration of the rise and fall of a fashion icon in ‘High and Low: John Galliano’ and Luna Carmoon’s debut ‘Hoard,’ described as a “hotly-tipped” entry. ‘Edge of Summer,’ the feature debut from British director Lucy Cohen, and an exclusive sneak peek at the second series of the award-winning BBC Scotland drama ‘Float,’ filmed in Helensburgh, add local flair to the festival.

Audience Award: Recognizing Emerging Directors

While the festival showcases films from established names, it also emphasizes emerging talent. The only award presented at GFF is the Audience Award, sponsored by MUBI, celebrating outstanding feature films by first or second-time directors. This reflects the festival’s commitment to nurturing and recognizing fresh voices in the world of cinema.

FrightFest: A Horror Lover’s Paradise

As a special treat for horror enthusiasts, GFF 2024 presents the “legendary” three-day horror binge known as FrightFest from January 7-9. Featuring 11 new films from eight countries, FrightFest promises to deliver thrills, chills, and a spine-tingling experience for fans of the genre.

Czech, Please!: Country Focus 2024

The country focus for the 2024 Glasgow Film Festival is ‘Czech, Please!,’ offering a glimpse into contemporary and rediscovered cinema from Czechia. Among the highlights is the screening of the radical feminist film ‘Daisies,’ once banned for its stance on communism and patriarchy. This thematic focus adds an international flavor to the festival’s diverse offerings.

Historical Celebrations: Cosmo Cinema and Glasgow Film Theatre Milestones

The 20th edition of GFF is not only a celebration of cinematic excellence but also a nod to historical milestones. In 2024, GFF commemorates 85 years since the opening of Cosmo Cinema (now the Glasgow Film Theatre) and 50 years since the establishment of GFT. To mark these anniversaries, special screenings include classics like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and John Waters’ ‘Female Trouble,’ both celebrating their 50th anniversary alongside GFT.

Retrospective Programme: Our Story So Far

Adding a touch of nostalgia, the retrospective programme titled ‘Our Story So Far’ revisits classic titles from each anniversary in Glasgow Film’s history. From ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ to ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Young Frankenstein,’ this segment offers a cinematic journey through time, showcasing the rich heritage of Glasgow Film.

Ticket Information and Closing Remarks

For those eager to secure their spot at the Opening & Closing Galas, tickets go on sale on January 25th (11 am). The full festival programme will be unveiled on January 29th (11 am), presenting a comprehensive guide to the cinematic delights awaiting attendees at the 2024 Glasgow Film Festival.

As the festival gears up for its 20th edition, the anticipation is high, promising cinephiles an enriching and entertaining experience, reinforcing Glasgow Film Festival’s status as a cinematic extravaganza not to be missed.

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