Brad Pitt explains his ‘Bullet Train’ red carpet skirt ahead of the London film premiere

Brad Pitt’s not one to skirt the question ahead of the Bullet Train London film premiere

The actor attended a Berlin screening of his forthcoming film, “Bullet Train,” on Tuesday, sporting a brown skirt with a matching cardigan and a salmon button-up shirt.

When asked why he went with the flowing style rather than shorts or pants, Pitt, 58, had a simple answer.

“The breeze. The breeze,” press on the red carpet.

Considering temperatures in Germany’s capital soared to the mid-90s that day, we can hardly blame him — but still, the statement-making style split those on social media.

“Whoever convinced Brad Pitt to wear a skirt should be flogged,” as he was “looking like a washed up bleached stinking beach bum” and “trying so hard to emulate young stars.

Plenty more loved his look, with one gushing, “Just when you think Brad Pitts [sic] couldn’t get sexier, he wears a skirt.”

“Brad Pitt in a skirt has made my day infinitely better,” another quipped, while a third said, “I imagine social media will be extremely calm about Brad Pitt wearing a skirt to a film premiere but I will say straight off I love it.”

It seems the star has been biding his time until the style become more popular for guys. In 2004, after filming “Troy” in breastplates and leather kilts, he told British Vogue, “Men will be wearing skirts by next summer. That’s my prediction and proclamation.”

And before the Greek drama, he modeled a slew of minidresses for a 1990 photoshoot with Rolling Stone.

Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll.

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