Fans Camp Out In Leicester Square At London Film Premieres


More Fans Are Now Camping Out In Leicester Square At London Film Premieres Than Ever Before Reports Mark Boardman

Fans camp out
Fans camp out

It’s one of those things whereby fans who regularly attend film premieres know just how busy some of the forthcoming red carpet events will be, and to secure a good spot fans arrive early to be first lined-up behind the barriers to catch a glimpse of the stars!

As most premieres take place late afternoon / early evening, Leicester square is already buzzing with people and as they say “A crowd attracts a crowd”. You always hear bypassers saying “Oh what’s happening”…very clearly it’s a London film premiere taking place!!

I have witnessed over the years many people camping over for movies including blockbusters like Twilight, Harry Potter, Sex in the city which are sure to attract a big audience.

Recently ’50 shades of grey’ had dozens of fans camp over in Leicester square, London; as people wanted to see stars including Sam Taylor-Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and EL James up close.

Mark Boardman pictured on the red carpet
Mark Boardman pictured on the red carpet

Excited crowds (many of whom know each other) will gather very early in the morning to secure a spot ahead of this evening as the film premiere or they will camp over if they feel the reward of meeting the lead cast is big enough – Mark Boardman

Traditionally the local authorities have warned the public against camping over on safety grounds, however for some movies like the final Harry Potter film, a special area was set up with beverages provided.

Die-hard film fans will take their pillow, sleeping bag and just take what they need to get through. Later in the day you know the screaming fans will be scrambling d to get a selfie on the red carpet with the cast and invited celebs.

Leicester Square in central London is the place for film premieres – the area has improved since the re-development.

Media entertainment journalist and celebrity publicist mark boardman - london film premieres
Media entertainment journalist and celebrity publicist mark boardman – london film premieres

Out tips:

Always dress appropriately for the weather and take plenty of food and drink with you, never take an umbrealla they are annoying for everyone behind you and ar a safety risk too. Always look after your possessions and take a friend with you, importantly have a great time, get those pics, autographs and take that special memory home to share with everyone you know!

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Article by Mark Boardman – Editor and freelance writer/publicist.

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