Madonna heaps praise on Miley Cyrus

Madonna acclaims Miley Cyrus: ‘She stands out and I like that she doesn’t care what people think’


The Queen of Pop has stood up in applause of previous Disney starlet Miley Cyrus .

At the point when asked to provide for her assessment on the ‘Destroying Ball’ songstress, Madonna conceded that she respects her gutsy demeanor and capacity to stay valid to herself inside an industry that is controlled by mark administrators and upper administration:

“I like her. She appears as she couldn’t care less what individuals think. Individuals are continually advising her she’s filthy or insane or trashy, and she couldn’t care less. I adore that about her. In her associate gathering, she emerges.”

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Madonna, in the interim, additionally opened up about being a lady in this day and age, and admitted that its simpler as in there is more flexibility despite the fact that the same issues of limitation still apply:

“It’s simpler from one perspective on the grounds that its down to business and you can do whatever you like. Then again, in case you’re a pop star and need to get your records played and achieve the masses, you need to play it extremely sheltered. You must be politically right. There aren’t a considerable measure of youthful pop stars who really have assessments – or, they have them however they don’t express them. Singularity is not empowered. Keeping your image going and not raising some static – that is what is energized.”

Madonna has released three more tracks off her forthcoming Rebel Heart album.

“Hold Tight,” “Joan of Arc” and “Iconic (feat. Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson)” dropped on iTunes overnight Monday. Like the first six tracks off Rebel Heart, Madge’s latest songs focus on perseverance, devotion and fame, while the production varies from strumming acoustics to driving electro beats.

The pop legend, 56, debuted the album’s lead single “Living for Love” Sunday at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

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