El James on Fifty Shades of Grey clashes: ‘There were disagreements’

 EL James said of working on the film: “It was hard in places.

El James on Fifty Shades of Grey clashes: 'There were disagreements'
Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Dakota Johnson used a bum double for romp scene

“But any creative process they’re going to have disagreements between all sorts of people but we got there in the end and I think the fans will be really pleased.”

Previously, Taylor-Johnson admitted to having “proper on-set barneys” with James.

The sex scenes and the drama lacked the required heat, it’s ultimately unsatisfying. – MARKMEETS

Taylor-Johnson said that the pair had to resolve their disputes to make a film they were both happy with.

Of their creative differences, Taylor-Johnson said: “It was difficult, I’m not going to lie. We definitely fought but they were creative fights and we would resolve them.”

Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Dakota Johnson used a bum double for romp scene, Dakota said: ‘There was a close up of a bum getting hit with a belt. ‘That was not my bum, because I didn’t want to get hit with a belt.’

Dakota revealed that her favourite sex scene in the film is when her character Steele loses her virginity to Christian Grey.

The Texas born actress said: ‘The virginity scene I think is something that is so beautiful.

‘And the way that [cinematographer] Seamus [McGarvey] and [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson] shot that scene – it’s really incredible.’

She added: ‘And the colors! It’s so saturated and then, just watching a really profound moment in a young girl’s life. I think that was pretty special to do.’

The movie on Friday drew $30.2M at the box Office

Our review of the film 2/5.

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