How do you get tickets to a film premiere?

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tickets film premiere
tickets film premiere

How do you get on the red carpet?

Access to London film premieres is highly sought after as everyone from movie fans to celebs themselves want to attend a UK film premiere and enjoy all the glitz plus free drink and snacks (With the occasionally goodie bag) thrown in – besides seeing the film before anyone else, attending these events it’s also a great way to network besides being an amazing experience.

These showbiz events are essentially put on to promote the movie with selected media outlets at hand to photograph and interview the leading cast and celebrity guests (Notable outlets can apply for accreditation via the PR company running the event though again much like film premiere tickets – space is limited).

Details of these event organisers are via subscription only. As a media outlet we get emails direct from movie makers, event organisers, agents and more for us to promote the events, even though we have always listed upcoming London film premieres at no cost to the public on our site.

Here we’re going to cover a number of questions from who gets on the red carpet, how do I get a ticket and where should I wear and more!

Film premiere tickets

Film premiere tickets are allocated for the film premieres which take place in London (Usually Leicester square for standard premieres) or Southbank for London film festival or the Royal Albert Hall – which hosted ‘No time to die’ film premiere, besides other locations in the city.

London film premiere tickets are always in short supply with high demand from the press for photocalls and press side interviews, besides the leading cast and guests, media, showbiz personalities, industry insiders and the public.

Now the cast always get invited subject to filming schedules as the lead talent are always a big hit and are advised to attend…often dates can move because of this to accomodate the talent – the same evening you will see the photos and interview quotes across many showbiz news sites including ours at MarkMeets of the nights proeedings. The film makers (Producers / director etc) are often spotted on the red carpet too and can give a deeper analysis into the movie and raise more awareness around the movie and to excite the industry and fans alike.

Next movie insiders / promoters and tastemaskers are up, these include our very own founder Mark Boardman. Whose next on the list…The networked…people in the industry who know someone.

film premiere leicester square

Also…Celebs love to be invited but secretly unless they are part of the film, they have either requested access themselves or asked their pr / agent to get them on the red carpet (for publicity purposes only) and to get the pic uploaded onto insta!

Besides all this are the team of pr who organise and run the event to which there is usually a theme / set including the occassional blue carpet. There is alot of work that has taken place behind the scenes and on the day from the security holding the line to the stage crew who set-up the barriers, lighting etc for the red carpet.

Lastly, the public. Whilst some competitions come up for free tickets online and the radio – the chances are low but offcourse not zero of winning. Very few tickets exist and realistically the black market is still rife with tickets sellers asking thousands of pounds for access to what is pitched as VIP packages, realistically this is not the case and it’s not worth the money (in our opinion) as it’s you who make the experience and not the package which is a ticket in an envelope. Offcourse if you can get to the afterparty that is where the fun begins as there are alot of do’s and don’t on the red carpet which do not apply at the afterparty. This could be another post in it’s self!

So can you buy a film premiere ticket – the short answer is yes but it is not always easy for big premieres. Every October the London film festival takes place and the public can buy tickets for these events online though again most sell out very quickly, so you’re best to follow closely for infomation as it comes in.

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You can view past film premieres like the or above on our site too but access is SO limited, we once had a HUGE waiting list, we had to stop applications. We have a number of clients on our books as part of our VIP conceriege service but make no guarantees and receive daily requests from celebs the public, unfortunately we are able to get back to everyone but hope posts like these are useful.

What to wear

Film premieres generally take place from 5pm so it’s nearly always getting dark and in the winter months can be cold / wet. We always recommend a warm coat / hood opposed to an umbrella which can cause issues by blocking people’s views (Many people would have travelled some distance and planned the day) so let’s make it enjoyable for all.

Access for the public is behind the barriers where there is a good chance you can watch all the action, get those celeb photos or the odd selfie / autograph. Very often info on wristband access is limited and available online or at the cinemas (Many of the cinemas do not give out infomation or simply have no idea) as they are the venue and not running the event.

There are areas for people with limited mobility but again space is limited.

What happens next?

After the stars have been interviewed and photographed and all tickets have been checked, everyone is seated inside the cinema / theatre the cast and film makers are introduced before the movie starts.

The sheer energy of a red carpet is just sensational. You can really feel the anticipation of seeing a film before anyone else in the world! You also feel the nervous jitters of the cast and the “excitement” of the other celebs being filmed and photographed with smiles on their faces. 

Note it can be very loud with the paparazzi yelling at the starts to pose /’ look at their camera – it sounds overwhelming but it’s totally fabulous! The bright lights too besides all the magic can really make the evening feel special especially if you have someone to share it with.

Afterparty – After the premiere, an after party is usually held at a nearby location. Generally, not everyone who is invited to the movie premiere is invited to this evening where you can mingle with all.

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