International Children’s Film Festival Tour 2024

International Children’s Film Festival Tour

New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival presents the best new film from around the world for ages 3-18 and the last annual Festival took place March 3 through 19, 2023

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“Ewww!” Screams, some of joy, others of disgust, erupted from the audience, reacting to the images on the screen. A cartoon owl just picked up a grasshopper and ate it in front of everyone. Then, the entire audience laughed as a circus flyer announced “The Mouse Who Soar,” a flying rat. Now all that’s left is sniffles and tears as a baby seal is stranded away from its mother. Sixty frames per second conveys all that emotion to an enthralled crowd of children, adults, and a quirky student with a notebook. This is the Chicago International Children’s London film premieres, showing 265 films of various lengths and featuring nearly 100 different filmmakers and actors.

MarkMeets are excited to continue shaping an outstanding Festival for filmmakers, industry, and all ages audiences in 2024.

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“The organization of the film festival, all its sponsorship and promotion, the acquisition of the films and all participating filmmakers, the printed materials, and subsequently the film festival itself, must it took a year to put together,” she said, “[and] the backstage is very tense, like in a theatrical production, so there are always crises behind the scenes that hopefully the audience doesn’t know about. .” But for Kathleen, the reward is providing interaction between the kids and the filmmakers. “What really comes back and what motivates you to do it, why you work so hard, you do it because of the times there’s a connection between the people you do it.”

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Through questions and answers after screenings, opening and closing gala dinners, and workshops, these filmmakers interact with children at the film festival and teach them about media literacy and technology. filmmaking. From October 22 to November 1, MarkMeets in colloboration and partnership will see the festival has drawn around 25,000 people in recent years for all of its events, centered around the Facettes Cinéma art theater. According to the website Facets Multimedia, more than 1,990 films had their world premiere at the festival, and more than 71,000 children were allowed to watch the films for free.

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After the world premiere of several animated short films, filmmaker Jonathan Ng stood up to address the audience. He previously participated in the festival for another short film called “Asthma Tech”, and now he is showing “Alpha Beta Complex”, in which groups of different personified letters compete to Win life in the apartment. When a child asked about the meaning of the piece, Ng said “what makes the letters really interesting is that you don’t have to talk about a specific group of people… These are letters, so they have We’re communicative creatures, but we tend to fight first and talk about it later.”

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These moments happen every day for festival goers, including children from schools and disadvantaged neighborhoods, who are lucky enough to experience everything for free. And that’s what makes it worthwhile for everyone involved. Movies are just movies, entertainment but can also be a great experience and an opportunity for the less fortunate to learn and grow.

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