Martin Scorsese To Attend 20th Marrakech International Film Festival

Martin Scorsese’s Involvement in the 20th Marrakech International Film Festival

Martin Scorsese, a renowned filmmaker with an impressive cinematic legacy, is set to grace the 20th Marrakech International Film Festival as a special guest. The festival, scheduled to take place from November 24 to December 2, holds special significance as it marks its 20th edition. Scorsese, celebrated for his contributions to cinema, including his upcoming movie “Killers of the Flower Moon,” which is set to premiere globally in early October, has a deep-rooted connection with the Moroccan festival. Over the years, he has attended the festival on five separate occasions, showcasing his commitment and affinity towards this cinematic celebration.

Scorsese’s Enduring Support and Role in the Festival

Beyond being a guest at the upcoming edition, Martin Scorsese is also embracing a more involved role. He has graciously accepted the position of patron for the sixth edition of the Atlas Workshops—an integral part of the festival dedicated to fostering emerging talent within the African continent and the Arab world. The Atlas Workshops, introduced by Marrakech in 2018, have become a significant platform for nurturing and promoting creativity within the film industry. These workshops have contributed to the development of over 111 projects and films during their initial five editions.

A Cinematic Mentorship by Scorsese

Scorsese’s enthusiasm for the festival and his commitment to its growth are evident in his words: “I am always happy to be returning to my beloved Marrakech Film Festival—when I haven’t been able to attend in person, I’ve always been there in spirit.” This sentiment encapsulates his deep connection to the event and his continued support, whether present physically or in spirit. For this landmark 20th edition of the festival, Scorsese takes on the significant responsibility of interacting with young filmmakers. His aim is to guide these emerging talents on their artistic journey, providing insights drawn from his wealth of experience. Through this mentorship role, Scorsese seeks to impart knowledge and inspiration to the next generation of filmmakers.

Atlas Workshops: A Platform for Emerging Talent

The Atlas Workshops, a vital component of the Marrakech International Film Festival, have played a pivotal role in nurturing creativity and talent within the film industry. Launched in 2018, these workshops have provided a nurturing environment for filmmakers from Africa and the Arab world to showcase their projects, exchange ideas, and receive mentorship from industry experts. Notably, the impact of the Atlas Workshops has been profound, with several projects that have gone through this program achieving recognition and success on the global stage.

Notable Success Stories from the Atlas Workshops

The success stories emerging from the Atlas Workshops highlight their effectiveness in propelling talent onto the international scene. Among the noteworthy achievements are the recognition of Middle East and North Africa titles at the Cannes Film Festival. Films such as “The Mother Of All Lies” by Asmae El Moudir, which won the Un Certain Regard Best Director award and the L’Œil d’Or for Best Documentary, and “Hounds” by Kamal Lazraq, which received the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize, were products of the Atlas Workshops. Additionally, films like Amjad Al Rasheed’s “Inshallah A Boy,” featured in Critics’ Week and later selected for TIFF, as well as Faouzi Bensaïdi’s “Deserts,” presented in Directors’ Fortnight, have also benefited from this program.

Scorsese’s Immersive Involvement

Martin Scorsese’s participation in the festival extends beyond being a guest and a patron. He will actively engage with the teams behind the projects featured in the Atlas Workshops. Through his involvement, Scorsese aims to provide valuable insights, feedback, and mentorship to these aspiring filmmakers. This direct interaction with Scorsese represents a unique opportunity for emerging talents to learn from a cinematic master and receive personalized guidance that can shape their creative journeys.

A New Tradition: Naming the Class of Martin Scorsese

A new tradition is set to be inaugurated with Scorsese’s involvement in the Atlas Workshops. Going forward, a prominent figure from the world of cinema will be invited to mentor the workshops. As part of this tradition, participants of the workshops for a given year will bear the name of that year’s patron. In the case of the 2023 workshops, the participating filmmakers will be recognized as the “Class of Martin Scorsese.” This naming tradition not only honors the cinematic luminary but also serves as a testament to the collaborative and inspiring nature of the workshops.

Anticipation for the Sixth Edition

The anticipation for the sixth edition of the Atlas Workshops is palpable. Set to take place from November 27 to 30, the workshops are poised to welcome a new cohort of emerging filmmakers eager to refine their craft and share their unique perspectives. While the official selection of projects for this edition is yet to be announced, the call for entries for projects in development closed on July 20. Filmmakers with projects in production or post-production have until September 21 to submit their entries, presenting an exciting pool of potential talents for the upcoming workshops.

In conclusion, Martin Scorsese’s involvement in the 20th Marrakech International Film Festival as a special guest and the patron of the Atlas Workshops underscores his enduring commitment to the world of cinema and the nurturing of emerging talent. As the festival celebrates its 20th edition and the Atlas Workshops continue to foster creativity, Scorsese’s presence adds a layer of mentorship and guidance that is invaluable to the next generation of filmmakers. Through this collaborative endeavor, Scorsese’s legacy intertwines with the aspirations of budding filmmakers, creating a lasting impact on the cinematic landscape.

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