What is a film premiere and where can I find details and access tickets?

film Premieres

Everyone who loves the world of showbiz, celebrity and entertainment – wants to walk the red carpet

At film premieres the magic happens, by this we mean…where else can you be in amongst all the glitz and glamour with music, celebs, cameras and more in such a cozy location too.

So how you do access attend exclusive film events and mingle with stars from the world of music, movies, tv, radio?

First what is a film premiere? A film premiere is the promotion of a movie to a select audience at a venue where cast, press and fans attend. All the papers and online sites like ours at MarkMeets (We’re best known for film premieres and promting new music talent) have pictures of celebrities from the premieres

Movie Premiere in Leicester Square

London being so well-connected and versatile makes it the ideal location for red carpet events, gala screenings and premieres, which are typically held in and around Leicester sq. Typically movie premieres take place in Leicester Square but now Soho, Royal Albert Hall, Waterloo and more all have film premiere locations.

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From the rich, famous to new influencers who are brands themselves the afterparty is where the real talk happens. Enjoy an evening of celebrity spotting and Hollywood magic.

Watching the actors, director, and writers give interviews and sign autographs and meeting fans is fun.

A film premiere is a big step up from a music or film festival as access to film premiere tickets is not just the case of logging onto a site and checking out.

Everyone who has a ticket to the film premiere gets to have her three seconds of fame as they walk past the press.

Film Premiere After Party

Invited celebs, media besides cast and celebs attend these but insiders like us also are allocated tickets (We use a ballot process when selecting) and who knows it could be you if you join our MarkMeets VIP club. Contact us for details.

Afterparties are held usually not too far away from the cinema in a swanky venue.

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