‘Willow’ Cast Hosts Special Screening Ahead of Disney+ Premiere & Showrunner Talks Hopes For Season Two!

The cast of Willow are teasing what’s ahead of the Disney+ series!

Warwick Davis joined Amar Chadha-Patel, Tony Revolori, Ellie Bamber, Erin Kellyman, Dempsey Bryk, Ruby Cruz, and showrunner Jonathan Kasdan at a special screening of the show at The Magic Castle in Hollywood this week.

Ahead of the special event, the cast dropped hints about the fantasy series for what fans can expect – especially just how much mention of Val Kilmer‘s character, Madmartigan, there is, as well as the plans for future seasons.

“He couldn’t come, but the first conversation that I had after it seemed like there was some momentum coming around the idea of doing this as a show and around the pilot script I had written, was to go see Val – and he could not have been more enthusiastic and game,” Jonathan shared why Val is absent on screen, but his character is very much in the vein of the story.

He added, “He knows as we all knew, and he felt he had to remind me, that there is no Madmartigan but him, and there isn’t. And he was game to come out and do it and pick up the sword, and in fact picked me up in that first meeting just to prove that a sword would be nothing. But then COVID happened and it became almost impossible for us to bring any of our American cast out, and the situation just didn’t provide the opportunity so we decided that what we would do is we would not change the story we were telling, but extend it in such a way so that the mystery of his whereabouts could remain throughout the season and perhaps lead to further destinations.”

Jonathan continued, “I told him that that’s how we were going to come at it and he had wanted to come but understood the pressures we were under and he’s continued to be involved at every moment. Madmartigan is in the show in a meaningful way and connected to every single one of the characters.”

As for future seasons, the cast is ready for it.

“We are building a plan to continue the story, and hopefully, it ends in a way that demands more because we think this is a fun world, and the threats that we’re setting up in season one aren’t resolved by the end of it,” Jonathan told Den of Geek. “But I also hope that within itself, the season is satisfying because it also excites you to see what happens next.”

Willow will premiere of Wednesday, November 30 on Disney+.

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