Bitcoin or Ethereum – What is the better buy?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most famous and familiar cryptocurrencies, which are being bought and sold at a reasonable rate today.

Bitcoin has a 19.1 supply of coin circulation, significantly less than Ethereum, which has 121.7-million-coin circulations. But both have its advantage and are given equal importance by the invest in NFTs. The main difference found between bitcoin and Ethereum mainly lies in their way of use.

Before you choose which is the better option for you, go through the pros and cons of bitcoins and Ethereum to get to a conclusion from the following article. 

Pros and cons of Bitcoin


. These were the first crypto to be introduced in the market

. As it has the best brand recognition, it is a widely accepted Cryptocurrency

. Bitcoin has been increasing in number till today

. Blockchain technology helps bitcoin investors to keep away from fraud and theft

. No political interference is included in the value of the bitcoin

. It has a faster transaction speed


. The price is highly volatile

. It has limited functionality

. It also uses a lot of energy which may affect the climate

. It does not provide 100% anonymity

Pros and cons of Ethereum


. As it is a decentralized and transparent system, it leverages blockchain technology

. It has the largest developer community

. They process the transactions faster than the bitcoins

. It is making a move towards becoming more environmentally sustainable


. The transactions are higher than that of bitcoins 

. It is slow as compared to other Cryptocurrency platforms

Risks of Investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum

  • Hype and FOMO risks

Bitcoin investors should not get scratched up in the hype. As bitcoin is increasing, people may get caught up in their hype, as no one wants to lose a good chance of becoming rich as bitcoin has helped many people become financially stable. However, many warnings are given about the loss of money in Cryptocurrency.

  • Security risks

As cryptocurrencies are handled digitally, there are some chances of getting hacked. Many hack cases were observed in the first month of 2022, which resulted in over $80 million in fraud. Thus, it is one of the most common factors which fall under the category of FOMO. If you do not clear out your confusions regarding the security concerns with Bitcoins in the first place, then your entire journey in the crypto world might get messed up.  

  • Tax risks

A new system has been launched where the IRS wants to know about the profit gained by a person from the cryptos they have sold. If there is a failure in disclosing information, they might charge a penalty, or one may also go under criminal investigation. 

Purpose of Invention

The primary motivation behind the creation of bitcoins was their potential as an alternate form of payment. It was also created because a sizable portion of people thought decentralized networks were superior than centralized ones.  Ethereum was a decentralized system used for smart contracts and was also not considered an alternative to money.

Market Capitalization

The total market capitalization value for bitcoins is $454 billion, whereas that of Ethereum is $229 billion, ranked 1st and 2nd in the crypto market, respectively.

Which is the better option?

Bitcoin is increasing and is trying to improve itself. Most people will choose bitcoin over Ethereum, but it is the investor’s decision on what to invest in. Both bitcoin and Ethereum have their advantages and disadvantages, which are already mentioned in this article briefly. 

One can consider many factors before choosing the best option for them.

It also depends on the belief of the person. If one considers Ethereum, one must proceed with that type only. However, it is a tough decision to choose among them. Bitcoin transactions help the money to simplify the funds, whereas Ethereum is helping the ecosystem to grow peacefully. 

But according to the research, bitcoin and Ethereum are not competitors. It is just the different ideas man has created, and the effect is what we have in our present-day market.

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