Bitgert Prices Rise 60% in a Week: What is Unique About this Cryptocurrency?

The crypto market crashed in mid-February but has been on a bull-run over the past week.

The past weekend saw most cryptos, including Bitcoinx and Ethereum recovering from the major dip. Solana is one of the notable digital currencies that made a decent recovery, raising over 10% in price. While BTC and other major cions recorded significant gains, Bitgert made an outstanding performance. Bitgert gained over 60% in price over the past 7 days. 

What is Bitgert and what are its prospects? Find out here.

Bitgert’s Record Run

When Bitgert rose 60% over the week, it was not much of a surprise for investors and traders. The digital coin has been rising non-stop for the past few weeks. The blockchain was recently launched as a zero-gas fee chain. This unique proposition has helped this blockchain take the market almost by storm. 

It is the first gasless blockchain. This means that it has done away with the challenge of the gas fee cost. There has been a long-standing search for a chain that was affordable and achieved this feat without making any compromises on speed. And it seems that the cryptocurrency community has finally found the answer in the form of Bitgert. The team has promoted the chain’s speed at 100,000 TPS.

What Exactly is Bitgert?

Bitgert (BRISE) claims to become the next big thing in the crypto market. The platform has been developed on the Binance blockchain. Its development team claims it to be a staking platform that runs over its Android and AppStore apps. Its native token is BRISE.

The BRISE dApp wallet is a wallet app that can be used for different types of coins. It allows users to carry out safe transactions involving different types of cryptos. Besides, the team also donates a percentage of its transaction fees into a buy-back program that helps deflate circulation. It has also earmarked the percentages it spends on staking rewards and promotions.

BitRise Audit– The Bitgert Audit Service

Bitgert has released an audit that has not been verified by any third party. The audit suggests that all the following key factors related to the cryptocurrency have been verified:

  • Manual code
  • Owner privileges
  • Contract functions
  • Liquidity
  • Rug-proofing

However, the sources to the audit have not been provided by the team. The BitRise Audit platform enables any crypto project to request a blockchain audit. Interestingly, most of the audits presented by this service provides almost identical security ratings and details.

Why Bitgert is on the Rise?

Bitgert’s cryptocurrency, BRISE, has been going through a positive month while most other coins recorded a significant drop in price. Overall, the crypto rose by 200% during February. 

So, what has been fueling this massive growth against the general crypto market trend?

Bitgert has been releasing a wide range of services and solutions in progressivephases since 2021. And these developments have played an important role in helping it grow.

Some of the key factors and developments helping it grow against the market’s flow are as follows:

  • Bitgert Audit was developed to enhance blockchain security. It leverages AI and manual code for review by its team. It is primarily focused on securing smart contracts and blockchains.
  • BRISE dApp wallet was launched in October 2021, which is in the beta phase for both iOS and Android. 
  • Recently, Bitgert released a revenue sharing and staking system. It enables shared revenue and automatic rewards. Besides, there is an assurance of a steep 80% annual percentage yield.

All these developments and projects are just part of the initial phase. Bitgert’s whitepaper shows that the engineering firm supporting the cryptocurrency has major plans for projects in the future.

Does Bitgert Have Future Potential?

There are many features to Bitgert that make it unique. It is likely to power a fresh touch of innovation in the crypto ecosystem. It is currently the fastest blockchain and has almost negligible gas fees. Besides, it has launched a new wallet that seems to have a promising future even when it has a lot of room for improvement.

While these points work in the favor of Bitgert, the platform needs to bring more transparency in the areas of its origins and the team behind it. While there are some speculations about this crypto’s credibility, the development team has so far delivered on most of the promises and it shows on various altcoin.

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