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Discord has been a popular venue for NFT-related initiatives, by connecting with the Axie Infinity Discord server boasting over 800,000 members. Several NFT projects use bots to restrict their Discord group membership based on the number of NFT.

Discord has evolved into much more than a simple chat program. It has become the focal point of communication for gamers and interest groups of all kinds, especially those dedicated to non-financial technologies. Suppose it were to incorporate crypto wallets into the platform. In that case, it might establish itself as a new hub for NFT galleries.

Meanwhile, Meta is attempting to establish itself as the dominant in the metaverse. A digital environment that can be used for both commerce and entertainment. Discord is indeed dedicated to the communities that may comprise this virtual universe. Communities, including gamers, influencers, and DAOs. That operates cryptocurrency, and other initiatives are all represented.

Discord Has Withdrew From Cryptocurrency and NFTs?

A screenshot circulated among certain Discord users earlier this year. It asks for their opinions on NFTs, DeFi, and Web3. Which has also appeared in conjunction with Citron’s Twitter post.

But Discord fans reacted this week to the thought that their favored platform would begin to pander to the cryptocurrency community. For those who find the Discord NFT crap annoying, one user suggested canceling their Nitro subscriptions. And pick the option “other” in response to the CEO’s tweet about it. The suggestion was liked and retweeted. There’s just one thing that’ll make a difference at this point. Which is a noticeable and quick decline in income. There was a post on the Discord community asking devs not to support NFTs. Discord’s help forum has a popular post urging the firm.

In their opposition to Discord, several prominent detractors cited the environmental effect of NFTs as a significant factor. Squid Game’s unregistered token raked in $3.38 million in investment. Before disappearing without a trace, it was mentioned. Which makes it an example of rampant fraud within the cryptocurrency industry.

Several other gaming businesses have made vague references to NFT ambitions in recent weeks. But none of those companies seem to know how that future integration would manifest. NFTs for Atari cartridges are available for buy in the meanwhile.

Discord also emailed with the following statement to explain its goals.

Please know that we appreciate all the feedback we’ve received. Regarding the internal idea you may have seen in a tweet earlier this

week, we have no plans to ship it now. Discord’s growing and creator-focused communities excite us about web3 technology’s potential. And the ways they’re coming together in constructive ways. Then, we also know that there are specific issues that need to be solved. Now, our primary emphasis is on safeguarding consumers from spam, scams, and other forms of fraud.

Discord CEO Jason Citron about NFTs

Jason Citron, Discord’s founder CEO, attempted to reassure users. On Wednesday the firm didn’t have urgent plans to change its business toward NFTs. In a tweet earlier this week, Citron published a picture of a crypto wallet. Which shows MetaMask integrated into Discord’s user interface. Also, with the caption “nothing” – shorthand terminology in the NFT sphere. Which means something that will soon be a huge deal. He contextualized the earlier tweet Wednesday evening. It was stated that Discord had “no present plans” to incorporate crypto wallets into its service.

Citron uploaded the screenshot as a reply to a tweet on Monday. It was not as a part of an official corporate announcement. Still, enthusiastic Discord members reacted to the post almost away. The firm soon clarified that the screenshot was part of a community hack week initiative. And not anything that would be implemented shortly for the social chat app. Still, the horse had already bolted from the stable.

 The Subscription Power of Discord’s Members Is On Display

Users on Discord who were scared of the cryptocurrency area rapidly rallied behind one another. They were encouraging them to cancel their Nitro memberships, Discord’s premium subscription. Because that helps the network remain ad-free. Angry Discord users also linked to a recent survey conducted by the firm. Which asked for their opinions on Web3, NFTs, and other topics as the criticism grew.

Discord was actively investigating how blockchain technology may complement its present goal. Suppose the screenshot was simply a pre-release model of crypto wallet integration. Some of that effort will now be put on hold. Discord re-evaluates how it can match its ideals with the communities that have established thriving home bases on the platform.

There is a suggestion that some Discord users’ emotional responses to Citron’s tweet. That was due to the environmental effect of bitcoin mining. Others took a more general stance against “NFT dudes.” However, the integrated crypto wallets have raised worries even within Discord’s various NFT forums. With users fearing that they would worsen the already prevalent crypto frauds on the network.

The CEO’s tweet about it should be used as the cause for canceling your nitro immediately. According to one tweet that received 20,000 likes. “A significant and immediately visible decline in income is the only thing that will make a difference at this stage.”

Citron’s statement makes it plain that Discord is responding to its audience. However, many NFT initiatives call Discord’s servers home. A loud segment of the platform’s user base seems to oppose it. Because they don’t want Discord associated with the cryptocurrency sector.

Final Takeaway

While no firm enjoys receiving lousy feedback, the negative response to Discord’s budding cryptocurrency ambitions. Which does demonstrate just how much the company’s consumers like the software in its present version. At the same time, all social media users are indeed fearful of change. Have a look at the tweets that follow each minor Instagram UI update. Discord’s members tend to be especially concerned about protecting the product they have.

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