Here Are Important Points To Note About Bitcoins And Cryptos

Even before you plan to invest in the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, there are some facts and figures that you need to figure out first. Read on to know more in detail to have an overall better understanding. 

For most people out there, cryptocurrency values is a different and a whole new world yet to explore. With changing times, more people are gaining interest in it and trying to test their luck while investing in digital currencies. 

In relation to that, every financial investor should note that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature. In such cases, there are valuable points to note .

The idea behind Satoshi:

This section of the article highlights important points regarding Satoshi. If you are new to knowing about this, read on to know more in detail so that you get all your doubts or questions answered. 

Just to show some respect towards the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, the smallest bitcoin unit, is named after him as Satoshi. When we are talking about this identity, you should note that he is known to be the first person to invent Bitcoins in 2009. At one point in time, this bitcoin unit was valued at around 0.00005 US dollars, which is pretty low of a count. 

  • For making one bitcoin, you are subject to need around 100 million Satoshis. 
  • As per the current values related to this cryptocurrency, which further fluctuates quite a bit, for making a dollar, you might have to need close to around 15,800 satoshis.

The total bitcoin amount is pretty limited:

Well, you might have thought of it otherwise, but the reality is bitcoin amount is quite limited. If you think you can buy endless cryptocurrency under your belt, then it is time to give it a fair bit of thought first.

  • Cryptocurrency is quite a limited resource, much like oil or gold.
  • The market value ofBitcoins will continue to rise.

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There are over 9500 cryptocurrencies available these days:

As per the statistical results of March 2022, there are more than 9500 cryptocurrencies available nowadays. Even though you cannot buy them all on the exchange platform, they surely have their existence count, and some of them will even have their own wallets to consider.

  • There are multiple tokens and coins available.
  • These are relatively quite easy to create as cryptocurrency and then put out in the market.
  • But, as per the latest statistical report from March 2022, the top 20 coins will account for around 87% of the present cryptocurrency market.

Major cryptocurrencies of 2021:

From the information gathered in 2021, some of the biggest cryptocurrencies were associated with metaverse and gaming projects. 

  • For example, you had Sandbox, which gained around 12,763%.
  • But, later, it was beaten by $AXS or the Axie Infinity, which gained around 15.132%.
  • On the other hand, those who were dwarfed by Gala or $GALA gained around 40,400%.

You cannot physically ban cryptocurrency:

Most countries on a global font have discussed the thought of banning cryptocurrency. But, even if they want to, it is impossible physically. Trading in cryptocurrencies through crypto wallets is strictly prohibited in some countries. 

Some countries have somewhat removed rights around the usage value of cryptocurrencies. Some of those countries are Nepal, Bangladesh, Educator, Bolivia, Cambodia, and even Alegria.

Losing your bitcoins:

Losing your bitcoin-centric address, which happens to be known as a private key, will not just mean losing unique identification but also losing all bitcoins within your wallet. Some research materials have indicated that around 60% of all the Bitcoin addresses are ghosts. So, there you have a huge chunk of people who are using Bitcoins, and they have lost their addresses. In such cases, they don’t have any suitable option left.


If you are trying to invest in the world of Bitcoin, make sure to get these points straight first. Not just with Bitcoin, but for any kind of cryptocurrency, learning the current facts and latest figures is important.

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