How to convert Crypto to Cash?

Most of the people of the 21st century still remain skeptical of the crypto trading and investment process due to the fact that one cannot touch and hold the coins as they exist in the virtual world. Hence, if you have managed to gather all your confidence for investing your hard earned money in the cryptocurrencies then the only due drop to your desert like tensed heart would be when you would be able to convert your cryptos to cash in the first place. For more info you can check it out here

However, many of the people say that it is quite difficult to change the cryptos for cash as it is not as easy as investing the sum. But in reality and according to the exports and enthusiasts in the market, you should understand that the entire process of cashing out is in fact easier than making your investments because you can choose any one of the various options available in the market. There are a lot of options available in the market with which you can easily opt for cashing out. For example, you can cash out from trading and exchange platforms where the money would get credited in your wallet or go fror a direct peer to peer transfer, otherwise, you can also settle for Bitcoin ATM options

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an alternative currency that is used in online trading or transactions. Cryptocurrencies have only an electronic use for payment security. It is basically a record of the transactional process rather than tangible money to use in everyday life. It is now become very popular to invest in crypto like Bitcoin for its propensity of growing in value in the future. There are several high-value secure online brokers that allow you to invest in Bitcoins through them. 

Converting Crypto to Cash: Methods

There are two main and most popular ways to cash out your cryptocurrency. First, you can take the help of a third-party exchange, or you can use a peer-to-peer transaction that sells your cryptocurrency. A third-party exchange includes direct trading, Bitcoin ATM and debit card. The latter which is the peer-to-peer transaction, is the fastest and most secure way of cashing out crypto as it happens anonymously. There is no disclosure of data and records.

1. Converting Cryptocurrency to Cash through an Exchange or a Broker

One of the most popular methods to convert your crypto into cash is via an exchange or broker. For that, you need to deposit the cryptocurrency to the exchange and then request for withdrawal. This makes the broker transfer the exchange money to your bank account. Although this method takes an ample amount of time for conversion, it is one of the safest ways. There is an exchange fee involved that varies from broker to broker and the country as well.

In the following steps, you can convert your crypto into cash-  

  1. Sign up with an online broker or exchange.
  2. You need to complete the verification process.
  3. Next, deposit the bitcoin into your account.
  4. Last, of all, cash out the cryptocurrency by depositing it into your bank account.

2. Peer-to-Peer Trading

P2P trading is also known for its anonymous and secure payment system. This is a great method for cashing out your crypto faster. In simpler words, you can sell your bitcoin for money on a peer-to-peer platform. In this method, you are free to choose your preferred payment method for selling bitcoins. The process also charges lesser transaction fees. As it is a method to directly trade with a person through another entity, you get more satisfactory exchange rates than from a third-party brokerage firm. However, the chance of fraud is extremely high with this method.

The steps for the peer-to-peer exchange are-

  1. Sign up and choose the location of the buyer you prefer.
  2. Next, find the crypto buyers and send a trade request.
  3. Wait until the buyer makes the payment.

3. Others

There are many other options available for converting crypto into cash. These are- Bitcoin Debit Cards and Bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin ATMs allow immediate access to cash using your bitcoins. Bitcoin ATMs are way different from traditional ATMs. To withdraw cash or sell your Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM, the machine provides a QR code you send your Bitcoin. The only limitation is that Bitcoin ATMs are not easily available.

These debit cards are like traditional debit cards. 


Cashing out of crypto is easier when you consider its pitfalls of it. Take care of the taxes and fees involved and make sure your actions comply with the financial laws, codes, and regulations.

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