Is Investing In Bitcoin Worthwhile? Let’s Find Out!

The decade-long history of cryptocurrency shows the remarkable journey Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Despite facing the initial glitch, cryptos have come a long way.  Slowly as people became aware of bitcoins and how they work, they became receptive. 

Further, when they learned about the decentralized nature of bitcoins, the anonymity of users, transparency of the online ledger, and amazing profitability, this peer-to-peer cryptocurrency got immensely popular around 2011-12. Then a substantial number of people started investing in it.

Today, everyone has heard about bitcoins, and many have invested in them. However, still, a large number of people want to know if investing in Bitcoins is worthwhile or not. In this article, we have cleared the doubts and confusions of all the people who want to learn if bitcoins are a safe and wise investment or not. However, let us begin by learning what Bitcoin is.

Beginners’ Take And Choice Of Crypto For Safe Investment

The transaction medium through notes and coins took a long time to implement in the ancient period, only because a lack of communication could propagate the idea. Even after several years of using notes and coins, there are many ways to use these as assets and liabilities, but not many people knew about it; it might be either because they did not know the process, weren’t much interested in some cases or were not aware of it. This was a similar case dealt with by cryptocurrencies when it was launched. It was initially limited to some nations because of the expertise and proficiency, and also, the knowledge of the entire crypto universe was limited to some areas. As the word about Crypto kept spreading and prominent celebrities and investors started to discuss this, more than the traditional investors, the new-age investors saw opportunity and scope in this. They understood that the revolution of internet transactions had already arrived.

What attracted people to invest in Crypto?

Anyone to invest in anything would initially see what benefit it yields and the possible future. It will ensure the security of funds and other information that goes into it. However, the most significant thing that attracted people to venture into the world of Crypto was “the absence of middlemen.” This is the best thing that you could tell any investor, and there are certain benefits to this.

● There is no information breach, and the funds stay safe until invested or paid.

● There are no extra charges for paying through that particular channel, and the payer can ensure that the amount paid has nothing added or deducted.

● There is less confusion as there are no parties involved to exercise the mediation and transaction of these coins.

● This also creates trust among people as they can interact and communicate about this directly without the interference of a third party.

What are the different cryptos where you can invest?

● Bitcoin: This has become a household name because even though it was launched in 2009, the hype and investment rose globally only after the internet connectivity was efficient in some nations, around 2011-12. It is the easiest form of digital cash and easily apprehensible even by the general public. This is mostly referred to and recommended because not only is it convenient for beginners, but it also has the reputation of giving long-term investment benefits, something which everyone is looking for.

● Ethereum is the second most widely used Crypto, right after Bitcoin. However, it is similar to that of Bitcoin with minute differences, like it replicates money and pretends to be one and be reserved for a value that can be exercised in the future. The fees for trading valuable assets for the exchange of Ethereum are also low, making it a smart and convenient choice of Crypto for beginners.

● Ripple– For people who love to invest and transact with the speed of light, mostly for those who multitask and have little to no time to wait for the transaction, Ripple is the ideal Crypto for them. Along with that, it is also less pricey than the above two and is good for a new person who has just discovered Crypto and is hesitant to invest in it. 


Be it Crypto or stocks. It is equally important to learn about the product before putting the money on it. Many people venture into this just because of the hype and are left with little to no investment, mostly because they forget to educate themselves about its downside. Crypto is safe only when you play safely while regularly updated about it if you want to venture into it.

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