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What Is MainTrade and What Does It Do? 

Is MainTrade the best choice of online broker? The following review takes a look at the essential details to help determine what and who this digital trading platform is for and whether or not it is worth the hype.

To summarize, MainTrade is an online broker that is all about taking digital trading and making it accessible and approachable for people from all backgrounds. Previous experience, or lack thereof, should not stop someone from going after their financial goals, and that is the principle on which the companu was founded. 

It sounds good, but how exactly does it work? The platform takes traditional trading methods and market must-dos and condenses them into one streamlined and user-friendly space- encouraging people to develop their skills while supporting them with tools and tutorials to assist on the journey. 

Here are some of the core elements of the platform. 

Flexible and Varied Stock Investments 

Working in many markets, including commodities, crypto, and FOREX, but the stocks and bonds department is what really shines. There are hundreds of options across all kinds of industries to fit budgets of every size. Every investor can find something that suits their portfolio and strategy. 

Advanced Data Analytics and Reporting 

Reading and interpreting market data has never been simpler. The reporting tools cover all the bases and are easy to use.

Educational Support and Encouragement 

There is a fully stocked learning library packed with useful materials for users to explore. Beginners are encouraged to take an active role in bettering their skill set with the support of industry experts through the platform. 

The Main Benefits

  • Access to varied investment opportunities
  • Simple and approachable tools to make trading easier
  • Learning tools to develop skills
  • Mobile access from almost any device with an internet connection

Potential Downsides 

  • Restricted in certain countries and locations.
  • Sometimes some parts of the platform are a little slow to load.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does MainTrade work on an iPhone? 

Yes, it does. Users can download the mobile version of the platform in the App Store for Apple products and PlayStore for Androids. It is free of charge and has all the same functions as the desktop version. Some displays are slightly altered to read better on the small screen, but the controls and systems are the same. 

How can users add funds to their account? 

There are three ways to add a deposit:

  • Bank card: Users can pay into their accounts using a credit or debit card the same way they would pay for goods online. It is completely secure and makes funds available almost immediately. 
  • Bank transfer: Alternatively, a bank or wire transfer can be arranged using the provided account details. It is the best way to move larger sums of money and also clears pretty quickly. 
  • Digital wallet: People who prefer to pay with crypto are in luck. Compatible with most e-wallet providers and makes it fast and easy to deposit and withdraw various cryptocurrencies to and from an account. 

Is there a customer service department? 

The platform offers excellent customer support across various channels. First, there is a great base of Q&As for all the most common queries, along with automated assistance on general account needs. Additionally, dedicated customer service agents are available during standard business hours for fast, friendly, and professional guidance. 

Are there any risks? 

Like any trading platform it comes with no success guaranteed and advises users to exercise caution and care when making investment decisions. Security-wise, excelling, with advanced encryptions and privacy protocols, so the data and funds in play are well protected. 


Investing online just got a whole lot more approachable, and comes highly recommended for anyone ready to take their next financial step forward. Learn more through the official website today!

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