Mini guide to Binance Coin

This world is familiar with different kinds of cryptocurrencies available to everyone, and among them are Binance coins, also called BNB.

Binance coins can pay fees and trade on the Bitcoin Network exchange. As observed in January 2018, 1.4, million transactions have been facilitated per second, and thus it is considered to be the largest Cryptocurrency exchange. 

The Binance exchange offers a discount to Binance coin users on each transaction cost as an incentive. There are also different cryptos like bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin, etc. can be exchanged for Binance coins. This coin was introduced to the world on July 2017, and slowly as days passed, it became a part of the Binance chain, its native currency of Binance’s blockchain. However, if you do not have much idea on Binance, then the following article can help you make every concept on Binance clear as crystals. Check it out now!

Uses of Binance Coin

. Depending on the restrictions set by the particular exchanges, the other cryptocurrencies can be traded with the Binance coins on various exchanges.

. Incentives for using the Binance exchange include a reduction in transaction costs.

. The BNB offers the customers to pay the money more flexibly.

. For booking flights and hotels on their desired selected websites, one can use it also.

. It also serves as entertainment, which can be used to book tickets and purchase virtual gifts.

. Investors get the facility of investing in stocks, ETF, etc. using the Binance coins

. Many platforms also allow transferring money to friends and family or taking loans through Binance coin.

Burning of Binance Coin

When the Binance coin was first introduced in the market, 130 million were offered in the ICO. But presently, the current amount of cash or the total supply is meager compared to what was provided to the ICO. The burning process of the Binance coins has been regularly performed. Every quarter, one-fifth of Binance’s profit is repurchased and then permanently destroyed by the cash held in treasury. This process of destroying the Binance coins is known as the “burn” system.  

The latest and current Binance coin burn was recorded on April 15, 2021. They almost burned around 10,99,888 Binance coins, with a net value of nearly USD 59,53,14,380. It was the most significant burn in terms of U.S dollars, by which the total supply of Binance coins has decreased from 17,05,32,825 to 16,94,32,937. You can visit for more information on BNB. 

Uses and support of Binance Coin

The Binance coins were invented and used as a token for trading fees in 2017. But with the growing technology, the Binance coins have been used for various purposes. Such as booking flights and tickets, taking loans, and investing in other cryptocurrencies. 

The Binance currency can be used on platforms like credit or Visa cards, smartphone apps, and so forth. They are also employed for money transfers and the purchase of virtual presents for loved ones. What does converting to BNB mean?

The meaning of dust does not mean the same in the world of cryptos. Here the dust refers to the coins or the supply of those cryptos, so small in number that the investors often ignore them. They can also be termed as the tiny fractions of trade left out. 

The Binance authority allows different traders to convert this dust into BNB.

What is BNB market?

As we understand from the term, the BnB market is where one can trade, buy, and sell coins. The secondary market is the place where most of the BNB purchases take place. There are different platforms available where a person can buy and sell BNB.

Binance offers real-time charting tools and various devices such as exponential moving averages, moving averages, etc. Investors or users can trade through the different platforms allowing Binance coin exchange, the Binance app, or the desktop apps. 


Although Binance coins have a lot of good sides and are one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, it also has some wrong or underdeveloped sides for which it is being banned in many countries. However, if a person is well experienced in this platform and wants to explore more, you can give a hand on this. One must compare different platforms and do their due diligence before starting with Binance.

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