Perspectives of Crypto in 2023

Cryptocurrencies are experiencing another major disaster right now due to the recent FTX incident. All the predictions about the growth of the market after the S&P 500 Crash turned out to be wrong. The trust in crypto assets is on all-time lows with more regulation from the government on the horizon. All of these factors work mostly to create panic and drag people back to traditional trading. Some even say these events are nothing more than simple machinations of the Big Capital.

Putting those conspiracies aside it is necessary to have a trustworthy exchange today. Places like Binance, Bitcode Method, and Kraken offer all the tools needed to take advantage of the crisis. If the lists are out of interest for you, it is a good idea to learn about the nuances of choosing a trading website manually.

How important is security

At first, safety may seem an obvious characteristic to consider, but hardly anyone looks at it before the first deposit. If the exchange is not interested in presenting you with high security as the main feature, it is better to be avoided. Sites to operate finances online are the major target for hacker groups and other criminal activities. To entrust the money to the company, you better be knowing how they are fighting these threats. This information can be found at the page containing terms of services, information about the exchange, or at customer support.

Top 3 features a perfect exchange should have

The place should be feature heavy and provide adequate trading instruments. All the assets circulate inside the exchange’s economy, making the importance of the quality of its service high. Top 3 features every site with crypto trading functionality should have:

  • a high number of traders;
  • investing programs;
  • promotions.

The latter may be associated with gambling websites, yet it is a staple in more online businesses than you can expect. The most common source of additional currency at your account is various promotional codes. It can be mailed to you or found at the affiliated websites. Type them during the withdrawal or deposit to get a bonus.

Another way to encourage users to trade more is by promoting assets. It may come in the form of 0% transaction fees or unique trading offers. That way, the economy will stay fresh with the accounts having different assets. It also helps customers to profit due to the high volatility of the crypto.

What will happen to the crypto in the future

A sane investor should put all the conspiracies aside and look at the market with a cold look. Like any other market agent does, it is necessary to operate on verified information while analyzing recent events. Cryptocurrencies might seem volatile as ever today, but with a more thorough look, the crash is not as drastic as some people claim it to be. It is still an asset with a bright future, a technology that has changed the financial landscape forever.

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