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The trading landscape has undergone many changes, and traders must be proactive to stay in the know. Traders need to join brokerages that provide the tools that traders need to navigate the modern markets.

Sonder Group is a retail trader’s best friend because it ensures that they have the support they need to forge ahead. The platform is designed to provide the optimal trading environment where its users can perform at their best.

Before choosing a brokerage, you need to ensure it has the capacity to meet your needs. It is also important for you to have a clear picture of the tools and resources you need to build your portfolio successfully. This guide reviews the platform’s pros and cons. Want to sign up? Here is all you need to know.


24-Hour Trading

Trading round the clock is important for traders who want more flexibility. Users can trade at all times of the day. This feature is great for retail traders because they can schedule their trading activities at convenient times. This feature changes how users interact with the markets and ensures they can secure better outcomes from these processes. Retail traders will find that the markets become more accessible as they ensure that users can perform trading activities that do not interfere with their daily lives and have better control over their time.

Zero Opening Balance

Some brokerages mandate that new sign-ups deposit a minimum balance when opening their account. The value of this amount is set by the brokerage and could be as little as $5 or $20. It is important for users to have more control over their funds, as fees can prevent traders from maximizing their potential. It will also encourage retail traders with limited funds to begin their trading journey. The best part is that the feature lowers the barrier to entry for new traders.

Fractional Asset Units

Not all traders want to purchase whole units of an asset. Sometimes they want to buy a fraction of the asset for various purposes. Users to purchase fractional assets because it gives traders more control over their portfolios. In addition, users that want to test their trading hypothesis without going all in on an asset can do so using this feature. It is a great feature that ensures users have more control over the assets they purchase. In addition, traders will also be able to diversify their portfolios even with small trading balances giving users more control over their portfolios.

Market Updates and Asset Insights

News and information are important for traders as it keeps them abreast of all the happenings in the market. With this information, traders are able to make better and faster decisions to beat the market. With timely updates about assets that ensure its users have an edge when they trade. Additionally, these updates can be personalized so that only the updates important to users are given priority status. On the flip side, the brokerage provides asset forecasts provided by industry experts, which help predict the trajectory of assets.


Not Available in All Regions

For various reasons, the platform is not available to all traders. Using location restriction on its services which may affect users from locations where their service is unavailable. To validate your status, you must visit the brokerage website for a list of the countries where users can access the service. If you are eligible to join the website, you can sign up right away. On the other hand, users outside the designated region cannot join the platform. The platform is constantly expanding its reach, and your area may become covered in no time.

Final Word 

The Platform provides a safe haven for retail traders to build their portfolios and trade markets. It is designed to be an inclusive online brokerage for all types of retail traders. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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