The world of investment and the emergence of FinTechs

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Investments are one of the fields of finance with the longest tradition. The figure of the broker, as the entity that executes the purchases and sales orders indicated by the trader (and which charges a commission for it), has undergone some changes throughout history. But perhaps one of the most noticeable has been in the last decade, with the emergence and consolidation of FinTech companies.  

These companies put technology at the service of the finance sector (in fact, their name comes from the contraction of the two words). Their business areas cover financing, payment methods, advice and many others, including investment. Its emergence has had several effects, including a “democratization” of this service, since FinTech, by its nature, is reaching a wider public. The reduction of costs and, therefore, lower commissions,attracts many new clients thanks to the automation of processes through the use of technology.

Tools to make the customer more knowledgeable

Also, their careful digital environments, in a society increasingly immersed in the adaptation to digitalization, as well as the acceptance of a much more active role of the customer, as opposed to the more traditional modalities, and transparency, are aspects well valued by users that favor their expansion in the global market. Many investment FinTechs are strongly committed to providing customers with information and knowledge so that they can carry out their own operations. 

One of the most relevant, IronFX, dedicates an extensive section called IronFX School in which you can find seminars, introduction to forex, “trading for beginners” or “for professionals”, financial news and many other resources that want to bring knowledge to the customer, either to start or to improve. This platform, which has received several awards, as some Ironfx reviews indicate, exemplifies this open concept and seeks to reach a wider audience and not necessarily only experts.

Providing more complete asset catalogs

Precisely, consulting forex broker reviews is something advisable when we talk about this type of companies, as they can provide relevant information about their legitimacy and the advantages and disadvantages that they present. In the case of IronFX, reference is made to the several times it has been recognized with awards for its quality and the remarkable amount of assets that can be worked with on its platform. Precisely, this is another one of the characteristics of the main investment FinTech, the search for a catalog of assets as complete as possible to which the trader can have access to operate if he decides to do so. 

Forex, indices, commodities, stocks, … are some of the groups to choose from in a single environment, with detailed information on each value so that the user can move between them and decide. These environments are carefully designed and intuitive, to improve the customer experience. FinTechs have sought to go beyond simple digitalization to create spaces that are more in line with the needs and tastes of today’s society, more modern and with pleasant graphic elements that condense information in a clear way. 

Beyond digitalization

In short, FinTech aims to do more than just occupy space in the finance market. Its aim is to add value to existing financial services and also to offer innovative services; to be more accessible and more efficient, as well as to make the most of technological advances to put them at the service of users in this sector. Of course, the investment area is one of the maximum exponents of these characteristics and its acceptance by the public has been more than remarkable, being brokers one of the main choices of those who want to be part of this world. After some short-term adjustments, it is expected that its trend will continue to grow in the finance ecosystem and gain even more relevance.       

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