To Invest In Bitcoin Or Not- Let’s Know It From The Experts In The Market

The advent of crypto came into the scene more than a decade ago, but it was finding it wavy to settle down in the market. People did not pay much attention to this concept initially because of its novelty. It took a couple of Tweets from the business tycoon Elon Musk and several other influencers to make the world go gaga about Bitcoin. 

Nobody had thought of using a decentralized digital currency, and blockchain was not even understandable. It got difficult to accept Bitcoin and other crypto forms due to sheer turmoil, vagueness, and inexperience features. Though some investors showed interest in this new technology, it was still far from getting its major share in the market.

Then came a day when a business pioneer Elon, the CEO of Tesla Motors, posted on his Twitter handle about Bitcoin. It was just a few characters in his statement that changed the crypto world impressively. There was a sudden and uncontrollable surge in the numbers of Bitcoin investors. 

The value of one BTC increased to unimaginable numbers within a few minutes. While many folks took advantage of this promising situation, others continue to apprehend this digital currency even today. If you are also one among the latter category, do not fuss more about it. Read on to understand what experts of the financial market think about Bitcoin and other crypto variants. 

Things said in favour of Bitcoin

Understandably, numerous people worldwide are still not ready to accept crypto because they do not want to trust the chatter from a layman. So, it is wise to gain satisfaction after knowing how the experts feel about Bitcoin and other crypto forms. Some of the top statements in its favour are jotted down below.

  • Amongst the big names showing interest in Bitcoin, Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital,  has shown his inclination to Bitcoin. He expresses his belief in this crypto by having invested hundreds of millions already. Also, Chamath has gripped Bitcoin for more than a decade now. He officially stated that he could see Bitcoin growing magnificently to 6 digit dollars.
  • Very popular Winklevoss brothers Cameron and Tyler have built an unbelievable empire by investing in Bitcoin. They have BTCs worth billions until now and have even formed a Gemini exchange to facilitate crypto exchange. They keep speaking and doing things in favour of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • There is no end to the list of famous experts favour Bitcoin. Elon Musk, Michael Novogratz, Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Square, PayPal, Shopify, MicroStrategy, Microsoft, Etsy, and many more big names are attached on the side of Bitcoin.

Some raised eyebrows against Bitcoin 

It will be wrong to say that there are no opponents here. Crypto is volatile and is under no official authority. Even the identity of its founder is still not verified. Thus, it is obvious that many people will condemn the idea. Here are a few things you should know as a probable Bitcoin investor from the opposition.

  • A renowned CFA and owner of Phillip James Financial, Phillip Christenson holds mixed views. He says volatile pricing can be risky for those who cannot uphold sudden downfalls. He appreciates the idea but does not find it a suitable investment plan for his clients.
  • Mark Cuban, a billionaire businessman, also is dicey about the crypto concept. He invested in Bitcoin but only for a small share as he feels it to be a risky investment. He calls this technology difficult to understand with a shaky future, especially for beginners.
  • One of the most prominent and leading businessmen cum investors Warren Buffet, is known to give adverse comments for Bitcoin visit website.   


Millions of people have already shown their trust by investing billions in the crypto market. Signing up with a sham or fussy broker may pull risks, so choose a verified app only to execute Bitcoin transactions. As a beginner, you must choose a secured platform like Bitcoin Era for a pleasing experience.

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