Top 5 web-based wallets to keep your crypto safe

Most likely, your acquaintance with an online cryptocurrency wallet has already taken place. All cryptocurrency exchanges provide the ability to receive, transfer and store digital assets.

That is, the conversion of ETH to BTC on the classic trading platform e implies the presence of a storage facility, moreover, a multi-currency one.

But online wallets also exist separately from crypto exchanges. It can be independent services and sites. Such services are generally optimal for novice users. To use the service, you do not need to download and install any programs, download the blockchain history.

The criteria for choosing a service for storing cryptocurrencies should be guided by the same criteria as when choosing a wallet of any other type: reliability, security, ways to protect your account.

One of the key options is the ability to get a seed phrase or export private keys. Not all online wallets have this option, that is, some services have full access to their clients’ funds. It is easy to guess what will happen to your coins if the service is hacked or ceases to exist.

Given this point, it is better to immediately choose a service that generates private information from the client side. It is worth noting that some of these wallets also have local versions for desktop and mobile devices.


MetaMask is a popular browser extension that connects to the Ethereum blockchain. This extension allows you to interact with the entire Ethereum ecosystem without downloading the blockchain to your device. MetaMask is considered one of the best wallets for betting sites, decentralized exchanges, gaming platforms and other applications.

Metamask is compatible with the most popular browsers: Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Brave. The wallet supports Ethereum and ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.


The crypto wallet is available as a browser extension for Chrome, and also has desktop and mobile versions. They can be used simultaneously and different versions are synchronized with each other.

 Guarda supports over 50 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Tron and others. In addition to the main coins, the wallet can store tokens issued on the basis of supported blockchains, including stablecoins.

Guarda has built-in exchange features, lending, Proof of Stake coin staking, and a referral program. The wallet can be replenished directly from debit cards.

In addition, the Guarda ecosystem has its own token.


The Coinbase crypto wallet is part of the ecosystem of the crypto exchange of the same name. To work with it, registration and identity verification are required, which is not very acceptable for many users. However, private keys are stored on the user’s device and third parties do not have access to them. The application also generates a seed phrase in case of loss of access to funds.

The web version supports several dozen coins, ERC-20 and NFT tokens. The wallet is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS, but it only supports Bitcoin. In addition to the typical functions of storing, receiving and transferring cryptocurrencies, Coinbase provides access to crypto loans, crypto lending, staking and DeFi applications.


Among the features of the Cryptopay multicurrency wallet is support for fiat and digital currencies. It can store BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, as well as the dollar, euro and British pound. Built-in currency exchange between any accounts is available. In addition, an order for a card is available, which can be used in any store that accepts cryptocurrency.


A web wallet with minimalistic functionality, an intuitive interface and high security requirements. Two-factor authentication and authorization in the browser are required to enter.

BitGo supports over 10 cryptocurrencies, with each account protected by a separate password. In addition to the ability to manage multiple crypto-accounts, it is possible to connect third-party services for storing private keys, registering taxes, and freezing accounts for a fixed period.

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