What are the factors influencing Bitcoin prices?

Factually, several people across the globe are still unaware of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is yet to be adopted by huge masses and earn its place as an alternative to conventional fiat money. There can be a 10% rise and fall in value at any given time because of unsubstantiated news or rumors. However, Bitcoin has an advantage of network effect on its competitors. The network effect is a phenomenon occurring in response to an increase in the user base of a commodity.

For instance, despite the fact that the internet was completely novel at the time, it was not particularly valuable because it lacked a significant number of users. One would have a few web pages and no one to send or receive an email.

Eventually, the internet saw substantial growth in its user base, adding more functionality to it. This growth happened in response to the increasing number of customers. Similarly, the success of Bitcoin is subject to its acceptance by huge masses. know more about Bitcoin motion software by Check this link here

Factors influencing Bitcoin prices

Perhaps, a greater user base will help stabilize it as a currency and maybe as an alternative to fiat money. Until then, the fluctuations in Bitcoin prices will remain unresolved.

These investors and traders never question the price swings of cryptos because their volatility helps them exploit the price fluctuations to get high returns. Investors examine the short-term and long-term fluctuations of Bitcoin prices in the past. In contrast, traders are interested in immediate fluctuations shown in the average daily price variations. Ascertaining the factors influencing Bitcoin helps them get an overview of the crypto market. Trading platforms such as ethereum trader can help you get a head start. Now, let us discuss the factors causing fluctuations in the prices of Bitcoin.

The law of demand and supply

People aware of elementary-level economics would have noticed that Bitcoin and other cryptos are subject to the law of demand and supply. You can compare the number of Bitcoins in circulation with the volume of gold on this planet because both have a predetermined limitation on their highest supply. Like gold miners, Bitcoin miners need to mine to issue new Bitcoins in the market. The Bitcoin mining process is based on complicated mathematical algorithms. The miners are rewarded for solving these mathematical algorithms and increasing the supply of Bitcoins in circulation. As more and more investors and traders enter the market to acquire Bitcoins, the demand for Bitcoins is on the rise, and the value of Bitcoins is also on the rise. The price of mining is expected to rise if the process of mining continues to get more complicated and challenging. This will have an immediate effect on the value.

Media coverage

Experts say that media is a major contributor to Bitcoin’s price fluctuations and other cryptos. It can cater to a better understanding of cryptocurrencies which can draw new investors and traders to this new market. Positive media reporting will result in a price surge, whereas; negative reporting by media can result in stooped prices. A crypto investor or trader will respond to media coverage the same as his peers. Therefore, it is essential to keep acquainted with Bitcoin’s latest updates and other cryptos. In this way, you can ascertain upcoming bearish or bullish waves.

Regulatory modifications

It is a hassle for any government to manoeuvre a middle path associated with this new concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The governing bodies constantly modify the laws and policies related to taxation and other aspects. Although Bitcoin operates through a decentralized framework without any intervention from Central governments, the policies implemented by the latter have a forthright impact on the network. This happens because crypto investors and traders comply with these regulatory modifications. Therefore, a country’s legislative or judiciary statements can potentially cause a rise or fall in the value of Bitcoin.


Ascertaining from the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is nigh impossible. Still, there is tremendous growth in this segment to consider. Bitcoin has opened multiple possibilities for digital currencies with several unexplored aspects. Around 10 years have passed since the launch of Bitcoin. It will be fascinating to see what value Bitcoin offers in the upcoming years.

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