5 Benefits of Wearing a Knee Sleeve

Getting into a workout groove is an amazing feeling—you feel like you can conquer any challenge and nothing can go wrong, until something does. And that’s when it seems like you begin to pay your body some attention, all the while it was giving you signs before.

No matter what kind of exercise you do—running, lifting, or recreational sports—your body, especially your legs, may need some extra support. The best tool to provide that assistance would be knee sleeves. Some may think that it’s reserved for older individuals, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve never considered wearing them while working out, here are some benefits your body will be grateful for.

1. Provides Extra Support

Many exercise activities are fast-paced, meaning you’ll be pretty burnt out by the end. In addition to the overall exhaustion you’ll feel, the workout’s intensity will also put a significant amount of pressure on your knees and surrounding joints; that’s why there’s slight soreness when you wake up the next day.

However, if you wear knee sleeves during your workout, you won’t have to worry about that. They provide extra support to give you a better chance of avoiding discomfort. If you’ve ever watched Olympic power lifters, you’ll see most of them wearing knee sleeves because it helps ease any pain they’ll feel from the heavy weights. 

2. Aids Recovery

No one likes being sore in the morning, especially around your knees. Each time you stand up or sit down, it’s backed by slight discomfort—you may not even want to leave the bed because of how you’re feeling. But that’s where knee sleeves can help your body out.

The compression material wraps around your knees like a warm hug, temporarily relieving pain caused by strenuous exercise. As a result, it aids your body’s recovery process so instead of dreading your next workout, you can tackle it without any issues.

3. Helps Maintain Body Temperature

It’s challenging to do a workout when your body can’t regulate its temperature. When you’re too cold, you’ll feel some slight discomfort in your joints, but when you’re too warm, you feel like each movement is more strenuous than it needs to be; that makes it harder for your knees because they absorb most of the impact when you’re exercising.

However, knee sleeves can support your body’s ability to maintain a reasonable temperature. There won’t be creaks from your joints during cold weather, and during warmer periods, the sleeves remove the moisture from sweat, allowing you to stay cool while benefiting from their other advantages.

4. Protection From Outdoor Elements

Unless you’re exercising in a gym, chances are you’ll be doing an outdoor activity, like running. As most runners know, outdoor elements can be cruel to the body. Of course, the weather plays a factor in that, but if you participate in an activity like trail running, you’re more likely to come into contact with rocks, twigs, and other obstructions. 

Without the proper protection, you may sustain scratches or even an injury from something like poison ivy, so it would be wise to wear knee sleeves during any outdoor activities. Remember, the compression material clings to your body, keeping your joints warm while assisting mobility. The sleeves will also protect you from other outdoor elements, ensuring a risk-free workout.

5. Increases Your Range of Motion

After working out, you may feel some discomfort the following day. If you did leg day, it might seem like you’re walking on eggshells because of how stiff your body feels due to the limitations in your range of motion.

Stretching can help alleviate some of these issues, but supplementing it with knee sleeves would be even more effective. Since they temporarily lessen the discomfort caused by strenuous exercise, you’ll have an increased range of motion in your knee. If you want more help with your recovery, try walking while wearing your knee sleeves; you’ll have protection from outdoor elements, and your legs won’t feel as heavy as they previously did.

Knees Sleeves Are Your Best Friend

As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits to wearing knee sleeves. You’ll have extra support for your joints, assist your body’s recovery functions, help regulate temperature, and protect against outdoor elements. Plus, wearing them will assist in a range of motion capabilities, aiding injury prevention efforts. Reward your body for its hard work by getting knee sleeves, and watch how it changes the dynamic of your workouts.

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