Daisy Lowe on body confidence journey

Daisy Lowe is “proud to be a curvy woman” as she ponders her body certainty excursion and the amount she cherishes her ‘lumps and bumps’.

The 32-year-old model has shared a noteworthy legacy snap and conceded she couldn’t have ever recently shared the photograph online as her “thighs looked thicker” and she’d like, yet presently she’s glad for her figure and her “thighs looked thicker””.

In an extensive subtitle close by the photograph, Daisy clarified: “Today I was glancing through some old pictures and I tracked down this one of me by the skilled @ashkingston wearing @pretties… at the time it was taken I was so hateful toward myself figuring I would never post this image since I thought my thighs looked thicker than I’d like them yet presently I think F*** IT!


“I’m pleased with my thicker thighs that have brought me during each time of my life. I’m pleased to be a surprising lady. I’m appreciative for the protuberances and knocks that quite a long time ago I would disgrace myself for…
“I think that it is really entrancing that the things that we figure out how to tell ourselves can be so mean! (sic).”
Daisy Lowe trusts that her post will give a welcome certainty lift to her online media devotees who are battling with their own self-perception.

The 32 year-old star Daisy Lowe once admitted to being a useless selfie taker

She proceeded: “So the explanation I needed to present this on say – its time for some confidence and graciousness! It’s almost Christmas and gratitude to this new variation, everything feels somewhat questionable in the air once more.
“Christmas snack and drinks are here to save us with a ton of Christmas satisfaction!! Enjoy and live I believe is the best approach this year!

“Sending you and your adorable knocks and irregularities allllll my adoration this Christmas (sic)”

Before she made meditation part of her daily routine, the 25-year-old model/actress/DJ was a wide-awake-at- 3am sort of worrier.

Long before sugar made headlines as the new Food Evil, Lowe was trying to quit. “I spent all of my teenage years shoving sugar down my neck,” she explains. “And it didn’t catch up with me until I was about 21 and my skin started getting really bad and my metabolism slowed down.”

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Lowe has always found it hard to navigate the tricky fault line of pursuing a modelling career while being someone who actually wants to eat. It would frequently dissolve into the comfortbinge/ self-hate cycle many struggle to scramble out of. “I remember living away from home for the first time and finding it so diffcult. I’d been sent home from a job for being too big and I was talking to my boyfriend at the time saying, “What am I going to do? I can’t starve myself – I’m not one of those girls. So am I going to have to start making myself sick?”

Thankfully, it never went that far, mainly due to the fact that she’d witnessed a close friend battle with bulimia throughout their teens. “I’d have to take her to the bathroom and watch over her. When you’ve seen that, you know you can’t go down that path,” she says.

So Lowe defiantly slung on the ‘curvy’ sash and tried to carve her own sillouhette in an unforgiving haute couture world.

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