Exercises You Can Do While Sitting In Your Office Chair

Are you sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer? Join the club. They say sitting is the new smoking and we are here to make sure that isn’t the case!

We asked an expert to share with us workout moves we can do while sitting in our office chair and avoid disruptions.

While it’s ideal to get up and walk for a few minutes every hour, if that isn’t possible, the below moves are all ones you can do without ever missing a second of your Zoom meeting.

Keep reading for moves you can do without ever leaving your office chair. Here’s to hoping they help us all relieve some stress!  

Swap Your Chair

“Try swapping your office chair for an exercise ball. Sitting on a ball works your core muscles, encouraging better posture.”

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Leg Extensions

“Sit on a chair, feet hip width apart; toes, knees and hips facing forwards; shoulders back down. Lift one knee to a comfortable height, keeping the leg bent. Keeping the leg lifted, slowly straighten the leg without locking the knee. Slowly return the leg back to the bent position while keeping the thigh lifted. Repeat 8-12 times on one side and then the other.”

Shoulder Circles

“Help prevent rounded shoulders and relieve tension with some chest-opening shoulder circles. While seated, rotate your shoulders backwards and down, trying to make the biggest circles you can. And breathe.”

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