Improve your mental health and wellbeing with fitness

Personal fitness tells MarkMeets that her fitness business is booming over the last year

Client goals include improving their overall mood and self-esteem.

“What I’ve been doing is promoting health and fitness, looking after your mental health because when you exercise it helps your mood. It helps you to feel better about yourself.

“Sometimes it’s not about trying to get into shape or trying to lose weight, it’s about getting your mental health right.”

“We’re doing body transformation plans, obviously doing one-to-one and group classe,s and the business within a year has just gone amazing.”

Since the onset of coronavirus, many have sought to improve their physical fitness as hospitalisation data shows that obesity and a lack of exercise can make a person more susceptible to a bad attack of Covid.
It can also impair recovery if a person’s immune system has been weakened by a poor diet or ill-health.

“I think with everything that’s gone on and with people being at high risk of Covid people are starting to think ‘actually, I need to start looking after myself a little bit more’,”

Clients have many different reasons for wanting to get fit or lose weight, but a common thread is a desire to improve mental health.

“Every client is completely different, everybody’s got different goals,” she said.


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