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Model fitness and other female trends

Fitness has become a real fashion for female fitness model. Fitness addicts train regularly, read wellness blogs, and have their recognizable style and inspiring gurus to follow. The most popular activity in the gym today is functional fitness. With the help of a professional teacher or a personal trainer, you learn to control, move, and strengthen the body in space with platforms, kettlebells, balls, and barbells.

If years ago the gym was a predominantly male territory, for some years, you have been witnessing a new era for a female fitness model, the new rising trend that attracts a female audience. Women’s fitness is not just a new approach by women to training and lifestyle; it is a real fitness program, with theory and rules dictated by personal trainers and industry experts.

In the 90s, women also trained excessively with aerobics. They switched to Yoga and Pilates, gentle disciplines that improve the whole body’s fluidity, extension, and harmony. Today everything has changed, and the approach that is the most popular in women’s fitness is to carry out a workout that benefits not only the body but also daily life, therefore useful for improving balance, posture, strength, and resistance. Top female fitness models choose a healthy diet to remain in the body shape.

A style trend is wearable technology: electronic bracelets, smart watches, devices with mini GPS, and various apps which guide you during physical activity, in the gym, or in the open air.

The woman’s body has always been in the foreground. Today as never before, since the advent of social media. These young athletes started by posting exercises, diets, and tips to feel comfortable with their bodies, and today, some are at the head of real economic empires.

Lose weight with female fitness

Beyond the trends, the question that all women in the world ask themselves is always the same. Experts, dieticians, and sports doctors today all agree on one point: the ideal activity for the woman who wants to lose weight is the activity with overloads, even of high entity, which allows the woman to stimulate lean muscle tissue, significantly increasing metabolism.

While men are not afraid of heaving when it comes to weights because their goal is to gain muscle mass, women hardly approach weights and barbells; they do not know that the increase in muscle mass does not represent a risk for the harmony of the female form.

By increasing muscle mass, body fat percentage is kept under control because the daily calorie expenditure will be higher. A dieter who does not exercise will lose a percentage of muscle mass, and, in the long run, the metabolism will drop.

Female fitness: every woman has her training

The hormonal characteristics of women contribute to their physical conformation, which is very different from that of men. In the female body, the distribution of fat and cellulite is concentrated in the lower part of the body, especially on the limbs, hips and buttocks.

However, women can be divided into three types of physique that have different shapes and tend to accumulate fat in different places on the body. These are the so-called pear, apple and hourglass conformations. Each type of body must be trained in a particular way to make the most of the ability to gain mass and therefore burn calories. Here are three exemplary cases.

A woman with prevalent fat accumulation in the upper limbs and abdominal level, with basically thin legs, without significant accumulations of fat and cellulite (apple shape), will have to follow a very intense workout for the lower part of the body. The upper part of the body, the one with the greatest fat, will be trained with circuit training, alternating exercises with overload and aerobic stations with steps, an exercise bike and a mat.

The woman with generally thin upper limbs, without significant accumulations of fat, and lower limbs with accumulations of fat and cellulite ( pear shape ), must first all be very diligent in a fitness activity because the adipocytes located in the lower part of the body are more likely to accumulate fat than to dispose of it. It will therefore be not easy to get back into shape. The upper body workout will be similar to the male one and involve using heavy loads. On the other hand, the lower part must go very slowly, avoiding too high an intensity and volume of work. Otherwise, there is a risk of deterioration.

Physical conformation and fitness

The woman whose physical conformation tends to accumulate body fat fairly homogeneously, without obvious discrepancies between the upper and lower part of the body ( hourglass shape ), will have to train following a program that is as mixed as possible, in which they alternate days of training with overloads and days in which more space is dedicated to aerobic activity.

Here are some golden rules for losing weight and gaining mass, which apply to all female fitness model and for all physiques in women’s fitness.

  • Choose a diet that has the right amount of complex carbohydrates.
  • Choose a diet with the right amount of omega three and omega 6, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.
  • Maintain your muscle mass by supplementing your diet with a regular women fitness models program. 

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