10 retro sweets you didn’t know you missed until now!

There is no finer example of the UK’s love of the past than the continued success of the country’s retro sweet industry. In these days when nostalgia is big business, this passion is great news for confectioners – from large manufacturers to small independent outlets.

A market that can appeal to all ages and tastes, we take a look at some of the all-time classics that are still popular today. Here is our top ten of the nation’s favourite retro sweets.

Flying saucers. Yes! Flying saucers were the BEST sweets around and you still can get them but not in many places. These papery, sherbet-filled sweets are sure to bring back memories of eating them in the school playground or as an after school treat.

Parma violets. You either loved these or fizzers and they were definitely in a party bag! …

Candy necklace. …These were the coolest jewellery to rock! These were also perfect when you had the matching bracelet or if you were ultra-cool…the watch.

Sugar mice. …are definitely the perfect sweet-fix for anyone who is craving sugar.

Edible money. …Before my time but there was always that one kid in class that would pretend to eat paper but it was just edible paper! This classic rice paper sweet is a real blast from the past.

Candy lipstick. …This was my absolute favourite! This sweet treat was definitely one which everyone felt super cool having.

Rainbow sherbet straws. …These 5p straws were the best because you could get 20 for a pound from your local sweet shop. The only annoying thing about this sugary treat was if the sugar got stuck at the top, making you have to throw it away!

Strawberry bonbons. You were either a strawberry fan or a toffee fan with this classic sweet. Which one were you?

Foam shrimp and bananas These foam sweets were definitely one of the best, with a close tie to milk bottles! Does anyone know what flavour the shrimp actually are?

Rainbow drops These classic sweets were even mentioned in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie! Even though they are all meant to be the same flavour, does anyone else have a colour preference or just me?

Also worthy of a mention are: Rhubarb and Custard, Sherbet Fountain, Refreshers, fizzy cola bottles, Drumsticks

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