10 Ideas For Minecraft Players To Build: This week is Kitchens


Find, build, kill and repeat! Despite food playing such a big role in Minecraft, few people go out of their way to design a fully furnished kitchen for their homes. Whilst they don’t serve a literal functional purpose, they do allow for a higher level of RP and allow you to dedicate specific areas of your home to certain tasks. Do you want to have visitors and host people over a long table, GoT-style? Do you want a basic, cute kitchen all to yourself?

As you plan out a kitchen design, your choice will depend on what matters most to you, such as lighting, aesthetic, size and location. From medieval tables to outdoor tropical buffets; from bar kitchens to BBQs, there’s a kitchen waiting to be built in your world.

See our top Minecraft kitchen ideas right now to get you started.

1. Cabin Corner Kitchen

Depending on the type of home you’ve built, a simplistic design might benefit you. Sometimes less is more! Going with mostly wooden materials, Flower Pots with mushrooms and plants, mood lighting using Lanterns, and using a Netherrack fire or Campfire as the cooking area, you can have a quaint, cozy corner kitchen in your house without much effort.

2. Modern Kitchen

If you’re wanting some style coupled with simplicity, an ultra-modern look can work exceptionally well in Minecraft. Stick to one color scheme and add in modern amenities and appliances such as a microwave and fridge-freezer. Then, throw in a breakfast bar/center island, and you’re all set. This is a no-brainer kitchen style to continue your modern house themes out there.

3. Restaurant Kitchen

Particularly good if you are on a multiplayer server, and are aiming to do some RP; building a restaurant and cooking meals for your friends in exchange for valuables/materials is both easy and incredibly immersive.

Build a seating area, a space for people to put in their orders, and set up some serious cooking machinery behind the scenes to handle various meal preparations simultaneously. Use a Campfire as a grill, and build an ice room to store all of your meat prior to cooking it.

4. Banqueting Hall Kitchen

For those of us wanting to go extremely simplistic and old-fashioned, styling your kitchen as a banquet is a no-brainer. Set out a long table with lots of cooked goods, Flower Pots as flagons of ale, and an open fire to roast the gains from your various hunts and expeditions.

By default Minecraft has a very rustic, medieval aesthetic to begin with, coupled with the fact that this design only requires early-game materials to accomplish, and this is an enticing prospect for a showpiece that doesn’t consume your playtime.

5. Cantina Kitchen

A go-to staple for you sci-fi fans, why not construct a room for all kinds of alien folk. The sci-fi aesthetic allows you to use whatever materials you wish and have it work, and in terms of cooking utilities you can double up a Furnace/Blast Furnace as service droids behind the bar.

You can also incorporate other build ideas in, like a mini aquarium or fish tank that you can use to store exotic fish to gawk at (or eat). If you want to double down, you can always grab a sci-fi texture pack/skins from online or from the Minecraft Marketplace.

6. Boat Buffet Kitchen

Indoor kitchens can get stuffy and overcrowded, so why not move the cooking outside? Even better, shift it to the waterfront and have a tropical-themed buffet. Stock some boats on the water and some chests filled with Fishing Rods to keep the fish coming, and throw down a Jukebox and some Lanterns to complete the vibe of your cookout. There are many ways to customize this waterfront idea with amazing views to boot.

7. Hell’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for a dark and moody kitchen in another dimension, unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay and build your kitchen in the literal worst place in Minecraft: The Nether.

Build it teetering on the edge of a lava lake, and forfeit Furnaces for burning Netherrack and glowing Campfires. You can set up a Hoglin farm nearby to collect piles of Porkchop while you’re at it. Use some Obsidian to reinforce the walls from Ghast’s fireballs (or your own cooking disasters), and build some tables; just don’t expect too many regular customers.

8. Bar Kitchen

Even considered hanging out and enjoying some drinks and pub snacks with a few friends? Having this build in your world allows for a chilled experience, brewing delicious drinks and serving bite-sized meals.

If you want to go whole-hog, why not throw in a Jukebox to blast your favorite Minecraft tunes, and a pool table design to gather around and create some hilarious memories?

9. Underwater Sushi Kitchen

What could be better than immersing yourself fully in the world of the food you’re eating? Whilst it may be slightly morbid for the fishy friends swimming outside the dome, you’ll have some great views as you chow down.

You can keep it simple, or fully deck the space out with lavish decorations and make it the talk of your Minecraft town, bringing people far and wide to your exclusive sushi club.

10. BBQ Kitchen

Sitting in the summer sun, cooking up some juicy burgers and serving delicious salads with ice-cold drinks. Could anything be better? Have the perfect outdoor setup (be it large or small) and kick back.You can always top your “BBQs” with Campfires instead, and really raise the visual heat of your cookout—or just pretend and keep the mood a little more mellow.


With these 10 kitchen ideas based on themes and different goals you may have, we hope you found something interesting to run with. Whatever kitchen build you decide, remember that home is where the kitchen is, or so they say.


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