7 Best Pixel Art Games for the Switch

All the classic games started out with pixel art graphics, although now, it’s an art style that is not used as much in the modern gaming world. So if you’ve fallen in love with pixel art graphics, we’re here to showcase some games you can find on modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch!

Pixel art is a style of digital art in which images are created and edited using pixel-level precision. It is often used to create retro-style graphics for video games, and has gained a strong following among artists and game developers.

There are many different games that feature pixel art graphics, ranging from retro-style platformers and RPGs to modern games with a retro aesthetic. Some popular examples of pixel art games include “Terraira”, “Undertale”, “Hollow Knight”, and “Stardew Valley”.

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  1. Celeste

An indie platformer where you fill in the shoes of Madeline as she climbs to the top of Mount Celeste. Along the way, she is faced with all her inner demons and has to defeat them in order to get to the top. 

Celeste is about fighting your personal demons and getting past your personal struggles in order to make it out alive and achieve your goal. The game provides a challenge for players, with some rather well-designed levels. You will be rewarded with a complete story and a heartwarming ending.

  1. Dandara

A Metroidvania platformer where you play as a character that was inspired by a historical Brazilian figure of the same name. You are the heroine of the game that is tasked with bringing light, freedom and hope to the oppressed world of Salt. 

As you solve puzzles, fight enemies and teleport around, the world of Salt will continue to surprise and intrigue you. As previously mentioned, you can’t really move freely around in this game, your main form of movement is teleportation.

  1. Cosmic Star Heroine

A mix and match of all the beloved parts of famous JRPGs, Cosmic Star Heroine brings you an interesting array of characters, twisted plotlines and fun dungeons and towns to explore. You play as an interstellar secret agent – Alyssa L’Salle as he embarks on her most dangerous mission yet.

One of the notable aspects of this game is its polished combat system that focuses more on strategy. After each battle, your character’s health and abilities will be replenished immediately so you can jump straight into another battle and give it your all. You won’t have to grind and farm as much to heal and upgrade your abilities.

  1. Undertale

One of the more popular titles on this list with a strong fanbase, we have Undertale. Created by indie developer Toby Fox, this title adds some nonsensical characters with some bullet hell fun as well as a compelling world made entirely out of pixel art graphics.

As a human that fell into the underground world of monsters, you need to find a way out and back to the surface. Along the way, you are met with all sorts of monsters that will challenge you to battle. You can choose to either absolutely destroy them or have mercy on them. Each of your actions is being taken into account and will affect your ending as well as future reruns.

  1. Unsighted

A Metroidvania with a top-down perspective and interesting gameplay mechanics, Unsighted is a great underrated option for those looking for a game with great pixel art graphics. The combat is responsive and the gameplay is time-based. 

There are huge sprawling dungeons to explore, in a world of cyberpunkish origins. You get to play as Alba, a sentient automaton that is on a roll trying to end the oppression of her AI buddies by humans. As this is a Metroidvania game, you will continue to gain new abilities as you move forwards in the game.

  1. Omori

In Omori, you get to experience the world as a hikikomori, which is a Japanese term for people who do not like to go outside. These people tend to be introverted and suffer from social anxiety, so it makes it harder for them to interact with people in the outside world.

You play as Sunny in his dream world, Omori as you fight through the physical manifestations of his deepest and darkest fears. This game may look harmless at a glance but it has themes of psychological horror that will incite fear in you, so do take caution. Overall, Omori is a hauntingly beautiful game to experience.

  1. Eastward

A miner and a magical girl set out of the underground society they live in to explore the surface and discover the cause of a deadly plague. The plague itself is bringing forward an apocalypse that threatens their world. 

Eastward is breathtaking in its entirety, it’s not surprising to find yourself stopping every few minutes just to admire the details of its intricate world. This is an adventure-filled game with lots of exploration to be had, and some combat along the way. The cast of characters is interesting and memorable, you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

And that’s 7 of the best pixel art games available on the Nintendo Switch! There are definitely a lot more games left out from this list that you should check out like Stardew valley, Owlboy, Axiom Verge and Coffee Talk amongst others. Do let us know in the comments below on your favourite Pixel Art games as well!

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