A New White Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Seems to Be on the Way

A new video has emeged of a White Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has only been available in black (or a limited-edition Halo-styled version) but the White edition has been expected for some time. Now, it looks as though they may be on their way,

“I think this is our first footage of the Xbox Elite Series 2 White Edition controller,” he said  “A leaked image of the controller was shown online recently.

Microsoft is yet to confirm the existence of the fabled White Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, but the video appears to be genuine – showing a brief unboxing of the controller. While some viewers note that the security stickers were removed very quickly, it’s likely that the box was prepped or already opened ahead of the unboxing video.

The original video was posted by YouTuber Nicholas Lugo, but there’s currently no information about how Lugo got his hands on the coveted controller.According to Microsoft, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is “the world’s most advanced controller” with a range of pro features including:

  • Adjustable-tension thumbsticks
  • Shorter hair trigger locks
  • Wrap around rubberized grip
  • Up to 3 custom profiles and 1 default profile
  • Button Mapping

Additionally, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is the only Xbox controller to feature a built-in rechargeable battery pack.

The standard Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers include the controller itself, a carrying case, set of 6 thumbsticks (2 x Standard, 2 x Classic, 1 x Tall, 1 x Wide Dome), set of 4 paddles (2 x Medium, 2 x Mini), set of 2 D-pads (Standard and Faceted), a thumbstick-adjustment tool, a charging dock, and a USB-C cable.

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