Assassin’s Creed Mirage Interactive Map and Collectible Locations Guide

Assassin’s Creed Mirage offers a rich and vibrant city of Baghdad filled with various quests, collectibles, and hidden treasures. Navigating this vast city can be challenging, especially when not all activities and collectibles are marked on your world map. To make your journey easier, MARKMEETS presents the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Interactive Map, featuring all essential map points to assist you in your exploration of Baghdad.

Here are some of the key map markers that you can filter by to enhance your adventure in Baghdad:

  1. Hidden Ones’ Bureaus: Locations related to the Hidden Ones and their quests.
  2. Viewpoints: Synchronize with viewpoints to unlock areas of the map and get a better view of the city.
  3. Landmarks: Discover iconic landmarks throughout Baghdad.
  4. Quests, Contracts, and Tales of Baghdad: Various missions and contracts to undertake, as well as tales that enrich the game’s narrative.
  5. Collectibles: Includes Dervis’ Artifacts, Enigma Solutions, Gear Chests, Mysterious Shards, Lost Books, and Historical Sites.
  6. Equipment Locations: Find costumes, outfits, daggers, swords, outfit dyes, and talismans.
  7. Services: Locate Blacksmiths, Cartographers, Stables, Tailors, and Traders for your needs.
  8. Favor Token Groups: Interact with Mercenaries, Merchant Groups, Munadi, and Musicians for favor tokens.

Gear Chests: Gear Chests contain unique outfits, weapons like swords and daggers, and upgrade schematics. Baghdad hides over 30 Gear Chests, often tucked away in restricted areas guarded by formidable foes. Given the increased combat difficulty, stealth is crucial. Our Gear Chest guides provide optimal stealth routes to reach the chests undetected. Note that the first chest you find in an area will reward you with the gear piece, while the other two will provide upgrade schematics.

Enigma Locations and Solutions: Enigmas are cryptic notes and drawings scattered across Baghdad, leading to hidden treasures. Solving all 12 Enigmas is a challenge, but the rewards are unique outfit dyes and talismans. If you want to solve the Enigma clues on your own, our guide offers spoiler-free hints to help you locate them without giving away the exact answers.

Mysterious Shards: Connected to Nehal’s Investigation mission, “The Calling,” you must recover 10 Mysterious Shards held by the enigmatic Tha’abeen, often accompanied by guards. Collecting all Mysterious Shards unlocks three powerful gear chests in The Hidden Place: the Samsaama Dagger, the Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar Sword, and Milad’s Outfit. Our interactive map not only displays Mysterious Shard locations but also provides custom maps showing Tha’abeen patrol routes and tips on the best places to assassinate them.

If you’re just starting your journey in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, our comprehensive guide offers a complete walkthrough, advanced tips for mastering stealth and combat, quick ways to earn Dirham and favor tokens, and collectible guides to help you find every outfit, weapon, and talisman. Explore the vibrant city of Baghdad and uncover its secrets with the help of our interactive map and comprehensive guides.

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