Everything We Know About Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The much-anticipated arrival of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second chapter of the remake project of the iconic 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII, is set to hit PS5 on February 29, 2024. Through a series of interviews and trailers, developer Square Enix has divulged significant details about what players can expect from the next adventure of Cloud and his companions. Anticipate a vast game, replete with expansive areas, side quests, and new locations not present in the original game, promising an enriched gaming experience.

Three Things We Learned From The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo

Despite many unknowns surrounding this ambitious project, there are several key insights we have gleaned thus far:

The latest State of Play is very spoilery

The recent State of Play presentation provided ample new footage from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, showcasing significant developments. However, for those averse to spoilers, it might be prudent to hold off on watching the trailer to fully savor the game upon its release.

You can download a free demo on PS5 right now

For eager fans, a free demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is currently available on PS5. Offering a glimpse into the opening moments of the game, set in the Nibelheim chapter, this demo allows players to experience the revamped combat mechanics and witness classic gaming moments brought to life with modern AAA graphics.

There’s a party level and a skill tree

Similar to the “Sphere Grid” from Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces a skill tree system that enables players to upgrade character skills, enhancing their personal stats and unlocking brand new Synergy commands for theatrical combined attacks. Moreover, advancing the party level by completing side quests unlocks additional Synergy attacks, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Key Features and Gameplay Details

An Enriched Soundtrack

Expect over 400 new recordings of iconic melodies in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, promising to evoke waves of nostalgia for fans of the original soundtrack.

Lengthy Campaign

With a 40-hour main story and an estimated 60-100 hours of gameplay when factoring in side activities, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers a substantial gaming experience suitable for players of varying playstyles.

Multi-Chapter Saga

As the second installment in a three-chapter saga, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth sets the stage for a grand narrative that spans multiple games, expanding upon the original game’s rich lore and world-building.

Expanded World Map

While not entirely open-world, the game features a large, seamless world map that invites exploration across different regions. Players can traverse various areas seamlessly, with the option to return to previously visited regions even after progressing through the main questline.

Influences from The Witcher 3

Drawing inspiration from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth incorporates elements of open-world exploration, side quests, and monster hunting, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

New Locations and Story Changes

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces new cities and locations not present in the original game, offering fresh opportunities for exploration and storytelling. Additionally, the game rearranges the order of certain story elements, providing unexpected twists and surprises for both newcomers and longtime fans.

Mechanics and Gameplay Enhancements

Relationship Meter

Players can influence character relationships through dialogue choices and optional activities, leading to unique interactions and potential romantic outcomes.

Permanent Consequences

Unlike previous titles in the franchise, characters who perish in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will remain deceased, adding weight to player decisions and reinforcing themes of loss and mortality.

Expanded Role for Key Characters

Fan-favorite characters like Zack Fair receive more significant roles in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with dedicated episodes exploring their backgrounds and motivations.

Playable Character Roster

In addition to the main cast, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces new playable characters like Red XIII, expanding combat possibilities and team dynamics.

Revamped Combat System

Building upon the successful combat system of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rebirth introduces new synergy abilities and double/triple attacks, offering players more strategic options in battle.

Editions and Pre-order Bonuses

Multiple Editions

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers three distinct editions: Standard, Twin Pack (includes both games for newcomers), Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition.

Exclusive Content

Each edition includes various bonuses, such as art books, soundtracks, and collectible items, catering to fans seeking additional merchandise and in-game rewards.

Early Impressions and Preview

Ambitious Scale

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth impresses with its scale, expanding beyond the confines of Midgar to offer players a vast and immersive world to explore.

Engaging Gameplay

Early gameplay previews highlight the game’s captivating combat system, seamless exploration, and immersive storytelling, promising an unforgettable gaming experience for both new and returning players.

Strategic Depth

With an emphasis on character relationships, side quests, and meaningful player choices, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers a rich and rewarding gameplay experience that encourages exploration and experimentation.

High Expectations

Anticipation for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is at an all-time high, with fans eagerly awaiting the opportunity to embark on a new journey with Cloud and his companions.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Reimagining a Gaming Classic

The Nibelheim Flashback sequence from Final Fantasy VII is iconic, revered for its narrative significance and technological achievements. In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Square Enix faces the daunting task of revitalizing this beloved scene for modern audiences. With a rich history of adaptations and interpretations, including the original game, Last Order, Crisis Core, and more, the pressure to deliver a fresh experience is palpable.

Rebuilding the Nibelheim Flashback

Hands-On Experience

At a recent hands-on event, players had the opportunity to delve into the full Nibelheim flashback sequence. While reminiscent of the rollercoaster mission sequences of FF7 Remake, the revamped flashback maintains the tension and drama of the original while introducing subtle gameplay enhancements.

Enhanced Story Execution

The remake preserves the characterful slow-burn introduction of the original, allowing players to explore Nibelheim and interact with its inhabitants before the inevitable climax. Small details, like mini-games and expanded characterizations, add depth to the experience, enriching the narrative without sacrificing its core essence.

Surprising Elements

Despite similarities to its predecessor, Rebirth surprises with its storytelling prowess and cinematic flair. The sequence offers new insights into the characters of Cloud and Sephiroth while staying true to the source material. However, occasional flaws in gameplay mechanics serve as reminders of past shortcomings.

Gameplay Innovations: The ‘Folio’ System

Character Customization

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth introduces the innovative ‘Folio’ system, offering meaningful character customization reminiscent of Final Fantasy X‘s ‘Sphere Grid.’ Players unlock nodes within their character’s Folio to access new skills and abilities, enhancing their strategic options in battle.

Strategic Depth

Unlike its predecessor, which limited customization through weapon upgrades, Rebirth‘s Folios provide significant stat buffs and specialized synergy attacks. This system promises to add depth to combat and encourage experimentation with different character builds.

Queen’s Blood: A New In-Universe Card Game

Expansive World

In addition to its main questline, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth features an open-world environment filled with opportunities for exploration and discovery. The introduction of Queen’s Blood, a card game reminiscent of The Witcher 3‘s Gwent, adds another layer of immersion to the game world.

Engaging Gameplay

Queen’s Blood offers strategic gameplay mechanics, challenging players to control the board and outwit their opponents. With tournaments scattered throughout the game world, this minigame promises hours of entertainment for players seeking additional challenges.

Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth represents a bold reimagination of a gaming classic, blending nostalgia with innovation to create an unforgettable experience. With its revamped storytelling, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and expansive world, the game aims to capture the hearts of both longtime fans and newcomers alike. As the release date draws near, anticipation builds for what promises to be an all-time classic in the realm of RPGs.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is poised to redefine the gaming landscape, offering a captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation that is sure to delight fans old and new alike. With its expansive world, engaging gameplay, and rich narrative, this ambitious project is shaping up to be a must-play title for RPG enthusiasts everywhere. Mark your calendars for February 29, 2024, and prepare to embark on an epic journey through the world of Gaia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

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