GTA Online Money Glitch That Works And Is Not A Cheat Code

Money glitches are a dying art in GTA Online since Rockstar patches most of them. Players should try these few remaining glitches before they’re gone.

Grand Theft Auto Online has remained active since its release in 2013, but despite numerous patches, the game still has one major issue: making money in GTA Online is boring. The addition of heists made the process easier, but it still takes an ample amount of grinding to strike it rich. As a result, players have been using various money glitches for years, which utilize faulty game mechanics to make money at a greater rate than traditional means while technically within the game’s parameters.

The drawback with money glitches is that Rockstar always fixes them eventually. There are few developers who are as diligent as Rockstar, and as a result, the list of viable tricks changes with every patch. The infamously lucrative GTA Online Garage money glitch, which involved buying properties and loading new saves to make millions of dollars in minutes, was patched a couple of years ago. Another popular glitch allowed players to infinitely withdraw chips from the casino, but it was patched quickly after it was discovered. GTA 5 is mostly about making money online, but these borderline game-breaking glitches were admittedly too powerful.


After eleven years, the online community is not what it used to be, and Rockstar has removed almost every widespread exploit in the game. There are also so many efficient ways to legitimately make money that glitches are a dying art, and Rockstar has been known to punish players who use them, so readers should weigh their options before crossing the line. For any GTA Online players who need quick cash and don’t mind bending the rules, here are the few remaining money glitches.

Car Duplication Is A Common Glitch To Get GTA Online Money

Car duplication, often referred to as “duping,” is by far the most popular money glitch at the moment and a good way to unethically earn cash before GTA Online‘s Criminal Enterprises update. The idea is simple: players trick the game into duplicating their vehicle, then they sell the duplicate car. This glitch has been around for years, though the method changed multiple times after Rockstar implemented new prevention measures. There are currently a couple of variations, but it generally requires two players, a Mobile Operations Center with personal vehicle storage, a bike, a Terrorbyte stored in the nightclub, an arena, two cars (one of which will be duplicated), and some Elegy RH8s. Some players report that certain elements have substitutes; for example, a bunker can be used in lieu of a nightclub. The earnings are determined by the value of the duplicated car and GTA Online‘s vehicle sell limit ensures players can’t abuse this glitch too frequently.

Heist Replay Is A Risky Money Glitch In GTA Online

This glitch involves completing one of GTA Online‘s many heists with two people, having the host forcefully quit the program, and immediately repeating the finale to infinitely redo the most lucrative portion of the heist. This glitch works best with the profitable Cayo Perico heist, and if players steal all of El Rubio’s riches, they can make millions every time they replay the mission. This glitch has also existed for years in various forms, but there is one noteworthy risk: some players report being placed in “bad sport” lobbies after too many abrupt exits, though replaying a heist with the same partner seems to fix this problem.

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Frozen Money And Infinite Car Service Resell Aren’t Efficient Money Glitches

These last two glitches are not as foolproof as the previous options, so players might as well repeat the quick and profitable GTA Online payphone hit missions instead. The frozen money glitch involves buying cars and tricking the game so no money is spent, and can net players dozens of duplicate vehicles (though they are not too valuable). Car service resell is less efficient; the player repairs a service car, delivers the vehicle, then takes steps to keep the reward money and the vehicle. Both glitches are a bit risky and require the player to forcefully shut off their console, so they are best ignored, but they do reportedly work in Grand Theft Auto Online version 1.60.

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