How Themed Slot Games Have Changed the Face of Online Casinos

One of the most notable things about modern online casinos is the way that they offer slots based on a wide variety of diverse themes. How did the humble fruit machine turn into the type of game that can take us to different cultures around the world and tie in with famous movies and TV shows?

What Themes Are Now Used?

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The online casino from Paddy Power gives us a good look at the variety of themes that are currently popular. For example, the classic theme covering Ancient Egypt is seen in the titles such as Scroll of Dead, Scarab Link, and Eye of Horus. These slots tend to feature classic Egyptian images such as powerful deities and the pyramids.

Other ancient cultures that you can explore on slots these days include Greek mythology, with Medusa, Pegasus, and Zeus typically shown on these reels. We can also see Aztecs and Incas featured in various popular games. Asian culture, Irish luck, and the American Wild West are other themes that transport us to different places.

Big movies and TV shows give slots developers another chance to produce something that appeals to lots of players. Not every blockbuster ends up in online casinos but some of the films to make it over so far include Jumanji and King Kong, as well as the still much-loved Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

In terms of our favourites from TV, the likes of chef Gordon Ramsay and the X-Files have made the crossover, while game shows such as Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire have also proved to be popular in the slots format.   

The Way Slots Have Evolved

The earliest slot machine was created at the end of the 19th century and in the early days, they often used playing cards or bells among their symbols. Images of fruits were used to represent the flavours of gum at some machines gave out, while the bar symbol came from the icon showing a packet of gum.

Interestingly, all of these early symbols have remained popular throughout the history of slots and can still be seen in many modern games. However, the arrival of video slots in the 1970s allowed game creators to take advantage of the technology by adding new and more varied symbols.

The 21st century has seen this evolution continue by bringing online casinos with a massive range of slots. Many developers in different parts of the world now produce a regular flow of new titles where they let their imagination run wild and use technology such as HTML5 to bring their games alive.    

Other Ways That Casino Games Have Changed

Many slots also now use the MegawaysTM engine that replaces traditional pay lines with an ever-changing layout. Other interesting developments include the appearance of hybrid games like Slingo, which mixes slots and bingo to produce a new type of format.

Slots aren’t the only type of classic casino to move with the times. We can also find the modern versions of the likes of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, where a popular approach is to add a live human dealer to the screen.

If you enjoy playing casino games you will find a great variety of ways of doing so in an online casino, with many of the slots likely to appeal to you.

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